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Disruptive marketplaces, tech shifts, messy cultures, aloof customers and poor digital literacy are the enemy of fast companies. The organizations that grow quickly transform effectively. So imagine if you could ignite the required changes and get your peers, customers, and execs excited about your efforts. You totally can.

Our trained facilitators host workshops and shepherd labs around the world to get your change going & keep it going.  Check out our five core transformation workshops below.

Bridge the distance between Technology and Business

A. “Digitalize” Workshop

Become a digital-first company and outperform your industry.

We’ll help audit your current digital performance, define tech challenges and opportunities, explore emerging technologies and potential use cases, innovate around digital areas that are less defined or understood and align on paths, concepts, automation and processes to effectively move past your hurdles.

The workshop can touch as much or as little as digitalizing your: business model, strategies, operations, supply chains, workplace, performance management, customer & employee experience and products, services & innovation horizons. Content and tools for this workshop have been curated from Wikibrand’s Digital Periscope© and Digital Transformation Report© foresight studies.

Anticipate shifts and Imagine your Next

B. “Futureproof” Workshop

When disruption threatens companies, It’s not like the target company wasn’t working hard, they simply “missed the future”. Don’t be one of them.

With our Futureproof workshop, we will use foresights, metatrends & microtrends, potential futures & innovation’s best practices to get you thinking and acting on what’s next. We won’t only provide implications for your organization and help envision the future but we’ll also teach you how to do it for yourself.

The stimulus used as part of this workshop is curated from Wikibrand’s six+ annual marketplace foresight and trend reports including our Corporate Innovation Playbook© and Buzz Report©.

change your BRAND face & CULTURE HEART

C. “REINVENT” Workshop

Challenge yourself to become the company you aspire to be.  In a world of sameness, the winners stand out by delivering a superior and distinctive brand, customer & employee experience.

In this workshop, Wikibrands will improve how your company talks, walks and thinks. On the external side, we’ll help you build and maintain a new or revitalized brand and customer experience.  On the internal side, we’ll help get your culture and talent aligned to your purpose, passion and promise.

This workshop draws on the insights from Wikibrands’™ award-winning book and 12 step approach, our Zeitgeist Brands©, Customer Zeitgeist© and Employer Brand Weathervane© marketplace studies.

The authoritative approach tO accelerating growth

D. “Scale” Workshop

Just past a startup and not quite a corporate lies the murky area called the “Scale Up Zone”. The mindset, strategies, risk calculations and rules of the game are different here.

Whether you are a startup founder entering your next phase or a venture leader/head of innovation disrupting their own organization, you need to acquire the skillsets to unleash your business growth. Scale masters have a very particular set of rare skills. Skills they have acquired over a few eye-opening experiences. Skills that make them a nightmare for incumbents.

Wikibrands will tap into this well of growth insight and help: align your leadership, tweak your product-market fit, build your team, plan your direction, burnish your brand, partner for best returns, and establish demand-generating & repeatable activities that ensure your capital, profitability, and sanity.

This workshop draws on lessons learned from our Growth and Scale Field Guide© and our Hockey Stick Growth Curves analysis© .


E. “TRANSFORM” Workshop

Fact #1: Most business transformations fail. Fact #2: They don’t have to.

The biggest mistakes come from not going broad enough, deep enough or fast enough in change efforts. Don’t biind yourself to all the factors. In this workshop, we will help alter the trajectory of your company by giving you the total view of your key transformation levers (we call this T15).

We could give you a glitzy million-dollar deck, but we think you’d prefer to start actually changing things. We’ll help energize and provide the ammo for getting your teams to actually want to change direction, operation, customer, culture and/or innovation together. This workshop draws on insights from our Digital Transformation Playbook©, Transformation300© and Transformation Audits©.

Why We Are Different

We’ve built a different type of company for a different type of challenge. Wikibrands gives you so many distinct reasons why you should think about us as your futureproofing and transformation  partner. It’s in the why, the how, the who, the what and the how many. Don’t believe us, check out our seven proof points “FORSURE”..

The Wikibrands Transformation 5 Workshops

Consider this the best “poker” hand of five workshops for changing the future of your organization.

Transformation & Futureproofing Thought Leadership

Wikibrands covers off the largest array of change-relevant areas than any other service provider we know. 100+ specific topics, freshly and provocatively delivered. A sparkling 4.5 out of 5 audience with insights you’ll actually apply in real life. Invite us to deliver our newest keynotes, relevant executive briefings, attention-getting custom content, practical employee training or energetic customer education.

Bespoke Transformation

Breathe. Crawl. Walk. Run. Sprint.  Wikibrands’ engagements come in many forms. Does your audience still need convincing? Need to understand questions before finding solutions?  Convinced to move forward? Trying to get change to stick? Need an embedded partner? We gotcha.  Work with us to discover your starting point or find out more about our five levels of engagement.

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