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Looking at pulling together my thesis and interviews over the summer for Wikisports – the Intersection of Technology and Sports Organizations and Brands

We’ve considered some alternative titles for the project, let us know what you think:

WikiSports – Learning from The Most Engaged Sports Organizations in the Connected Age (play on Wikinomics)
DigiBall – The Art of Winning in Sports Through Technology (play on Moneyball)
The Fastest Game in Sport – How Technology is Disrupting the Sports We Love
Competing Digitally – How to Achieve Greatness in the Digital Sports Arena
Fields of Digital Dreams – Reaching The Top of the Sports Digital Game
The Digital Playbook – How Sports Organizations and Brands Win in the Digital Revolution

Here are the subject areas and key themes we’re looking at:

1) A New Paradigm – The Post-Modern Sports Arena

Fan Experiences – Moving from Product to Experiences

2) The Overall Customer/Fan Experience – The Bar Has Been Raised

3) The Broadcast Experience – Integrating the 3rd, 4th and 5th Screen

4) The In-Venue Experience – The Digital Colliseum

5) Gaming and Fantasy – Improving on Reality

6) Fans, Followers, Sharers, App Lovers and The Age of Social Sport

7) Apparel and Gear – The Bionic Athlete

8) Sponsorships/Partnerships – Digital is not a Line Item Anymore

9) The Marketing of Sport – The Movement vs. The Establishment

10) The Celebritization of Sport – The Cult of the 5-Tool Power Individual

11) New Business Models – Play Locally, Follow Globally

The Operations Side of Sport

12) Big Data, Analytics and The Moneyball-ization of Sports Management

13) Scouting/Talent Assessment – The Web is a Birddogger

14) Collaboration and Innovation – Disruptive Fans, Disruptive Technology

Prospects and Dreams

15) Public Health – How Technology Can Reverse The Long Term Slide into Couchdom

16) The Ethics of Sport – The Cheats, Enforcers and Grey Areas

17) Sport as a Beacon of Hope – Causes, Values and Social Responsibility

18) The Future – Relearning and Retooling for the Future – New Horizons, New Careers and New Forces

19) The Conversation Continues…

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