I’ll admit I’m a little bit of a jock, a puck fan, a gridiron addict, a gym rat, a gearhead, a lululemon wearer, an NB Minimus poser, an ESPN noob, a Mountain Equipment outdoorite, a can’t get through the airport without picking up an Outdoor Magazine, Runner’s World, Sports Illustrated or Men’s Health.

So that is why I am excited to announce our initiative called Wikisports – a marriage between my love of sports, active lifestyle and living life off the couch with emerging media.

What’s it all about?

The idea: To profile the best practices, strategies and tools, build a community and a dialogue among the world’s top  active sports brands

The need: Very little exists in the way of emerging media learning and digital engagement insight on these types of brands, partly because it isn’t happening nearly as quickly as it should and partly because it is happening and you can’t find it all in one place

Coverage areas:  

  • Media : Active Social Media, Content, SEO, Collaboration, Communities, Mobile, Apps, Signage, Influencer programs
  • Customer Experience: At home, At venue, discovery to post-purchase
  • Technology: Hardware, software, new uses
  • Marketing: Campaigns, successes and failures
  • Personalities: Profiling of key personalities, tweeting pros
  • Innovation and Culture : Trends, changing landscape, novel examples

What’s Involved?

  • Twitter Chat – 3rd Tuesday of each month starting January’13
  • Survey – Your Opinions Explored – February’13
  • White Paper – The State of WikiSports – April’13
  • Profiling – 50 Interviews with the People Behind the Scenes Making Cool Stuff Happen
  • Weekly Blog Post – the Key Headlines in Digital Active Engagement Each Week
  • Who Knows? Perhaps we’ll turn this into a follow up book, documentary or event series.

Topics we can’t wait to Explore:

  • The Gamification of Sport – the Game within the Game
  • The Millennial Fan – attracting the connected generation
  • Gadgets and Technology Improving Performance
  • The Most Engaged Athletes
  • Sport 2020 – What Does It Look Like
  • The Global Fan – Expanding Geographical Reach of Sports Teams
  • The Top 100 Sports and Active Apps
  • Creating Digitally-enabled Healthy Lifestyles
  • Extreme Athlete Technology
  • The New World of Sports Sponsorship

Want to be Involved?

  • Collaborate in building the community
  • Build a complementary software
  • Become part of our sports think tank
  • Guest blog contribution
  • Make suggestions on topics
  • Get connected socially

Drop me an email or join our new Twitter page @wikisportsnow and “let’s skate to where the puck is going not to where it is”?


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