Myself and Claire Kerr of Artez Interactive will be hosting “Twitter and Causes” on #wikichat today on Twitter.  We’ve all seen charities and causes flourish online (Twestival being a great onee) and others either shuffle their legs or resist the allure of this frenetic, subway station of a social network.

Is Twitter and not-for-profits a marriage made in heaven or an awkward arranged setup date verging on a breakup?

Let’s find out with Twitter’s #1 not-for-profit charity:water @charitywater and their Director of Digital and our favourite Aussie turned New Yorker, Paull Young  (who are just launching a Fall campaign) . They are just turning 5 years old and have 1.36MM followers, let’s see what their secret sauce is all about.

S0 at 2:45pm – Grab a hot or cold beverage, check out charity:water, if you haven’t yet – take our Wikicauses survey, and check out the 5th annual  Artez’ Interaction Conference coming to Toronto for September 28th and get ready for the rapid fire exchange of insight.

Some questions we’d like to tackle today.

1) How would you describe your cause-related Twitter efforts in one clever 130 character statement (leave room  for #wikichat)?

2) Any tricks of the trade or rules of thumb you use to manage content on Twitter?

3) How does Twitter stack up performance-wise vs. your other social tentacles – Facebook, YouTube, Google +, Blog?

4) What is your biggest opportunity leveraging Twitter?

5) What is your most frustrating hurdle managing Twitter?

6) Are there ways that you are using Twitter to integrate with your fundraising? Customer service? Innovation?

7) Is the 24/7 nature of Twitter easy to resource – are there processes in place to manage your content , time and immediacy of response?

8) We’ve seen charities like Twetstival flourish as a Twitter-only charity, have you considered a Twitter-only campaign?

9) Twitter has yet to stop growing in scope and influence, 600K new people just joined today – what does the future of Twitter look like for your org.?

10) Best motto for not-for-profit just starting out on twitter?

Should be fun. Please also use the #wikichat hashtag when interacting, and also use the Q1:A1 format for answering questions – we will space the key questions 10 minutes apart.

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