Social software. Social CRM. Enterprise 2.0. Engagement platforms. Connected technologies. Collaborative suites. Whatever you want to call them, it’s a $157 billion business and growing.

And think about the suite of companies chasing the enterprise dream of employee collaboration, deeper customer involvement and social media. We’ll post about them in our future series of  posts.

In the interim, let’s get chatting, as the 2nd part of our series of 25 Twitter Tuesday chats, we’re gabbing about Online Community Platforms in 140 characters or less:

When: Tuesday, April 19th, 2011, 3pm

Where: On Twitter or through your finest Twitter application

How: Use hashtag #wikichat and engage (maybe even throw some love to the book that spawned these discussion #wikibrands)

The key questions we’d love to debate:

1) What’s your best quote/motto/quip that summarizes the state of online communities/social software for companies and organizations?

2) On paper, all these platform tools are designed to function well – unfortunately humans are messy. What’s the biggest hurdle inside companies when it comes to implementation of enterprise 2.0/community building? Ways to overcome?

3) For years, social software companies fought over this growing pie? But is the real competitor Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare and Foursquare now? Who will win?

4) The blurring line between external and internal? Technology, applications, employees, fans. What’s it all mean for social software companies?

5) Who should own this for companies? A dedicated department or a specific function? Centralized or decentralized? CEO, COO, CIO, CMO, CCO or CSO?

6) Who are your most inspirational examples of companies that have nailed this? What traits do they have to make them successful? Have the successes been internal, external or a hybrid? Revenue-driven, Advocacy-driven, perception-altering, support and service-driven, insight percolating, employee engagement accelerating, innovation-based?

7) Let’s put our legal hats on for awhile – how big of an issue is privacy and security when it comes to rolling out these programs? Red herring irritation or pending disaster?

8 ) How bespoke does social software need to be – is it better to standardize and tap efficiencies and talents or to customize and generate new possibilities and competitive differentiation?

9) I’ve been on all of the leading online community providers and my sense is 25% are doing a really good job on “living their credo” online, 25% are doing sufficent stuff and 50% are their own worst clients? How important is providing a leading example of engagement to your partners, employees and prospects?

10) All we heard about was mobile, gaming and hyperlocal at SXSW. How are these trends affecting the development of online community platforms?

11) We’ve seen a wave of consolidation and acquisition in this segment? Does “might make right”? Is their white space for small companies to grow? Or is landing on standards, efficiency, reliability and scale most important now?

12) What is the future of this space? Who could have predicted the technology and application success of the last 3 years? What does 2011-2013 bring?

To leading online community providers and experts, we’d love to grab some time separate from today’s #wikichat for interviews, surveying and what we’re calling “The Awesome, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”. Drop us aline at @wikibrands or email us.

Visit back April 20th to blog for highlights from today’s discussion.

Join us today and don’t forget our next cousin #wikichat – Wikichat #3 – Community Management – Tuesday, May 2nd, 2011 3pm – same bat channel, same bat time, same bat hashtag.

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