Here are our top 20 questions that we’re dieing to get answers to from the world of measurement pros.

Join us for our first #wikichat at 3pm April 5th, 2011 as we go down the many highways, avenues and gravel roads of measurement, metrics and the social media dipstick.

The “Knock it Out Of the Ballpark” Softball Questions…

1.    The Social Soapbox Question – What is your motto/credo/quotable quote when it comes to social analytics/measurement?  Wow us – why do you have the special sauce?

2.    The Zeitgeist of Measurement – What have been the biggest trends in social media analytics over the last year? How has it affected what we do as businesses, marketers, agencies and people?

The Big Important Meaty Stuff

3.   The Needs – What are most clients looking for in the way of information from you? What should they be asking that you’re not hearing enough of?

4.   The Right Stuff – we came across 46 different core metrics in Wikibrands on how the best companies measured their performance with customers on the web, what are the best ones?  What are the most frequent metrics used? Do you have a magic formula (and  dare to share..) or philosophy?

5.    Usability “Is there anybody out there?” – There is a well-founded feeling out there that it’s NOT a shortage of data that companies have access to, it’s a shortage of people that can use it quickly and effectively to deliver business insight? True/not true? Ways to overcome? Examples of success? Better centralized group or decentralized owners in an enterprise?

6.   Witch Doctory – What is the biggest myth about social analytics that should be debunked and exploded before somebody gets hurt?

In Practice…

7.   The Cool Stuff/The Bad Stuff – when it comes to applying these insights and tools  in market – who has really done a masterful job? Why?  Forget theoretics for a moment – biggest untapped opportunity in using social analytic tools?   The Potholes – Biggest risk in using social analytic tools?

8.   Market Observation/Rightful Owners – Who are the best industries/companies in using social analytic tools? Who are the best functional areas in dealing with monitoring/measuring the social web

Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose...

9.    The Crushing Pace of Change – With new mediums constantly coming into the market place, how are you adapting your systems to be able to harness the data they provide? Take Quora for example? Will measurement always be one step behind the technology, should we care?

10.   The New Guys on the Block – they say mobile will soon represent 30% of the social web. The “new kids on the block” winners at SXSW seemed to be group texting, games and hyperlocal startups?  can we easily access these tools? How does the escalation of smart phones and local-based marketing (eg. Foursquare/Gowalla) affect how and what you measure? Are there too many gaps in the social web currently to measure it effectively?

The  Always Interesting, But Very Messy Social Web…

11.    Language/Country Provenance – One of my pet peeves dealing out of Toronto is to factor out buzz happening in Canada vs. other places? How do you justify that the data you are obtaining on a broad-scale campaign is country specific? How do you also factor in the resource required to translate and make sense of different languages, particularly when it comes to things like sentiment?

12.   Standards and Benchmarking – we’ve seen various companies suggest a Facebook like is $1.35 and a Twitter follow is $0.75.  Is this a good thing that we’re trying to find the quantitative, tracakable proof? Are we getting to a point of maturation where the soicial web can be…gulp…predictable? where we can determine success one brand vs. another? one marketing spend vs. another?

13.   Think inside the box or outside the box – Some have suggested, competitive share of social media impact is important, while others suggest that the standard for social media success exists likely outside your category, what do you think? i.e. Should you compare your customer service to your arch enemy competitor or Zappos? What’s best used in practice?

14.   Sentiment-What do you think about sentiment analysis – can we access sentiment efficiently? How accurate can it be? How much can be automated? Will this always be an intensive human input thing? Are we as businesses lazy in wanting sentiment served up to us as an algorithm?

15. Influence – What do you think about influencer rankings (i.e. Klout) – are influencers more important than the crowd? Have we been able to identify them well? Is their a blind spot we’re missing when we track influence? In a real life business environment – more efficient/effective to target your top 2% of stakeholders/potential fans or connect to the 100% crowd?  Cues to find them in your own database?

The Messengers…

16. Would you rather….- Who is best positioned to deliver the news and insight – company staff, boutique platform-specific companies, multi-platform measurement companies or integrated CRM/engagement companies? What does it depend on?

17  The Measurement Bubble – albeit Facebook was just valued at $74 Billion? One of the industry segment leaders Radian6 was just acquired by Fair value? Is this a good or bad thing? The legitimzing of social web measurement or the equivalent of “jumping the shark”?

The Future..

18.   In the year 3000… What is the Future of Social Analytics? What are we not thinking about now – that we’ll all be thinking about a year from now? We’re big fans of infographics and visualization of data and how a picture is 1,000 words – any future here? Blue sky – what does this all look like in 2015?

19   Utopia – if you could wave a magic wand, what would you like to have or change with the world of social web/measurement? or business culture in general?

20.   Tabula Rasa (The Blank Slate) What have we missed asking? Talking About?

Enjoy the chat, a couple of follow ups as well:

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