Attached are some of the highlights of our Twitter chat last month focused on causes:

Oftentimes, our carefully planned approach to digital and social media initiatives, get messy at some point and require some course correction based on stuff we learn along the way, so we asked our Wikichat participants:

Q9: What’s the biggest surprise you’ve experienced from your social marketing efforts? Share with your peers #wikichat

It may sound like peace, love and granola but for those that have experienced success in the not-for-profit social realm – it’s a transformative and very emotional thing that validates our belief in the human spirit to give where there is need for others.  Also people noted the need to keep at it, be personal and overcome initial fear and derision as reflections on their real life experience with the media .

Here’s what you said:

@movember Biggest surprise with our social efforts: the number of genuine 1-on-1 relationships formed w/ Mos

@ceebie How we can take seemingly irrelevant topics and make nature relevant to anyone!

@laure_pringle Biggest surprise for me was how resistant some people were (and are). I didn’t expect the fear and lack of understanding

@karensnider Biggest surprise with social media? It’s intense how many people come to @redcrosscanada looking to help, esp during emergencies

@endstigma Biggest surprise: how helpful our online community is! They want to help us & help each other.

@ceebie How we can take seemingly irrelevant topics and make nature relevant to anyone!

@UinvitedU Just like so much new tech, I was called a goof for using it and when it made us $ everyone is surprised

@UNICEFlive We also appreciate the opportunity to continue conversations & strengthen our relationships offline.

@LOWaterkeeper Meeting people online and transitioning to offline. It’s awesome to make long-standing connections through social media

@GreatlakesEd We began SM to increase visibilty, but now have increased our own understanding thanks to followers

@kidshelpphone That sharing, supporting, and helping others spread their words are just as important on social media as your own message

@b_West  Biggest surprise: biz/org’s give up before the magic happens (aka ROI). Marathon not sprint

@AIDSLAW A10 At #aidslaw2011 we found hashtag helped participants meet each other offline

@edwardbase22 Strangers who I had no previous relationships actually donating to one of my campaigns! #wikichat Power of SM!! Than end up building the virtual and in-person relationship to develop a life long donor

@alliekosela Meeting people online then meeting them offline. That’s how me and @scottyhons became buds!

Our next Twitter Wikicauses #wikichat is July 26th, 2011 3:00-4:30pm EST on Twitter – (hashtag #wikichat) Hub accounts (@wikibrands @artezonline @seanmoffitt @snotforprofit).

If you work in or for not for profits, causes, charities and CSR efforts,  take our first annual WikiGood survey too – chance to win and get first crack at the research.

If you’d like to meet us in real-life, join us at the Artez Interaction Conference Sept 29th in Toronto for a one-day look at social and mobile fundraising strategies.

Also contribute to our WikiCauses white paper, your chance to direct the insights of our global study of engaged not-for-profits.

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