Attached are some of the highlights of our Twitter chat last month focused on causes.

If anything the “opening” up of the web has caused an increase in the amount of transparency organizations need to have. It’s not what you say you do anymore, it’s what you actually do. So we wanted to know how NPOs and causes create that type of transparency and engagement inside their firms too.

Q7: Does your internal culture shape what you are doing online? Are your employees your best ambassadors? #wikichat

Conclusion: If you don’t have your employees engaged and onside, don’t expect others is a mantra. Keep it loose, fun and involving as many people as you can in the effort were axioms.

Here’s what you said:

@techsoupcanada : yes – we are small & adaptable so it’s all about experimenting, not a lot of rules/restrictions

@LOwaterkeeper Yes, but so are our online friends. They follow/fan because they care.

@hivgirl it is difficult to limit what employees tweet about, such is the nature of SM but you definitely need to show your brand

@Karensnider  Absolutely. Our culture shapes our online. Fun staff @redcrosscanada = ops for fun online engagement

@movember Culture def shapes what we do. While employees make MO-tastic ambassadors, it’s our Mo Bros and Mo Sistas who do the MOst.

@jolkona It’s something we struggle to do to be honest and need to do more, but it’s clear the impact it can have. Great stuff 🙂

@sarafalconer 1/3 of our staff blogs, even those who don’t get it

Our next Twitter Wikicauses #wikichat is July 26th, 2011 3:00-4:30pm EST on Twitter – (hashtag #wikichat) Hub accounts (@wikibrands @artezonline @seanmoffitt @snotforprofit).

If you work in or for not for profits, causes, charities and CSR efforts,  take our first annual WikiGood survey too – chance to win and get first crack at the research.

If you’d like to meet us in real-life, join us at the Artez Interaction Conference Sept 29th in Toronto for a one-day look at social and mobile fundraising strategies.

Also contribute to our WikiCauses white paper, your chance to direct the insights of our global study of engaged not-for-profits.

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