Attached are some of the highlights of our Twitter chat last month focused on causes.

The web is like one of these complex friends – it helps you do stuff, but create hurdles;  it socializes with you but takes time; it keeps you fed with knowledge, but sometimes overwhelms; you love them but sometimes they drive you crazy.  Much like you have the phone, the smartphone, email, facial expressions and smoke signals to manage your real world friends, we pondered what the best social and mobile tools were being used by cause-related community managers and stakeholders,  to manage the chaos,  so we asked:

Q6: Which social media or mobile tool(s) is the “must have” for your organization? #wikichat

The summary points from our audience were: make sure these tools integrate, find a monitoring tool you like and understand that different platforms are likely for different audiences (Facebook – real world, Twitter-new people, Email – current fans). Not a lot of mentions of mobile tools yet, which likely speaks to the cause industry’s current comfort and education level using this medium for goals and fundraising

Here’s what you said:

@edwardbase22 ALL must be used & integrated, Email is great for existing relationships! Twitter used to drive new ones via reach and exposure

@WWFCanada @sarafalconer Day-to-day, for me – @Hootsuite is a must-have on both desktop and iPhone. But we are always experimenting.

@seanmoffitt Twitter is the community centre swimming pool of social networks – strangers welcome

@artezonline We also love @Hootsuite – What kind of mobile tools are you using?

@rjleaman Facebook is “must have” for community-based orgs (real world networks) but Twitter good for interest-based or causes, I find

@smallchangefund Still experimenting…. Can’t stand Hootsuite personally! Using @SproutSocial atm.

@movember Staying in touch with our Mo Bros and Mo Sista is MOst important, so MOnitoring tools like Tweetdeck are a must have

@hivgirl I would have to say Twitter is must have because it goes with me everywhere. I can be reached anytime, anyplace re info and RT

@snotforprofit my fave tool is a nice big database of email subscribers I can talk to! 🙂

@smallchangefund We use TwitBird

@KellyAnnMorris agreed – tweetdeck preferred

@natureConsCDA we use Hootsuite religiously, although we haven’t decided what species of owl it is yet 😉

@edwardbase22 Email is great for existing relationships! Twitter used to drive new ones via reach and exposure

@rjleaman : as for SM tools, that’s largely a matter of taste…? My pet orgs use CoTweet for multiple users to manage multiple accounts

@kidshelpphone Twitter, Facebook, iPhone for sure.

@endstigma We use Cotweet, Google Alerts, TwitterCounter & Facebook Insights (does that count?)

@smallchangefund LOVE the Google Analytics, wish I knew more about interpreting them to make informed changes to strategy

@snotforprofit Yep FB insights counts! FB is the most popular commercial social networks by far!

@tanialittle They work together /build off /support ea other twitter, facebook, website/blog – they should work together

@AIDSLAW TweetDeck, Facebook + Youtube

@YSM_TO SM integrated w other marketing helped our previously very low online giving increase over 600% during postal stoppage, Very much so. In conjunction with our spring f/r campaign we increased from 400 to 600 fans on FB.

@b_west Links r the currency of Twitter. Be sure 2 link to valuable content on your site or other

@WWFcanada We’ve also worked with @artezonline @blackberry & @polarmobile to build some very cool mobile stuff

@sickkids : HootSuite, Facebook, Google Analytics & YouTube

@artezonline I hate links on twitter that aren’t mobile friendly. I can’t see a 20mb annual report

@LOwaterkeeper iPhone, TweetDeck, Echofone, hootsuite and our app #SwimGuide

@jgombita Here’s the article about Canada topping USA in online video – we share & watch more video:

Our next Twitter Wikicauses #wikichat is July 26th, 2011 3:00-4:30pm EST on Twitter – (hashtag #wikichat) Hub accounts (@wikibrands @artezonline @seanmoffitt @snotforprofit).

If you work in or for not for profits, causes, charities and CSR efforts,  take our first annual WikiGood survey too – chance to win and get first crack at the research.

If you’d like to meet us in real-life, join us at the Artez Interaction Conference Sept 29th in Toronto for a one-day look at social and mobile fundraising strategies.

Also contribute to our WikiCauses white paper, your chance to direct the insights of our global study of engaged not-for-profits.

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