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Attached are some of the highlights of our Twitter chat last month focused on causes.

We know that content drives a lot of being noticed and talked about on the social web, but we also know causes can sometimes be under-resourced in being able to develop a steady stream of great content. We wanted to know how some of the better not-for-profits managed that tension, so we asked:

Q4: How frequently do you post new content to stay up to speed with the connected web? Tips for great content that resonates?

Some very clever benchmarks were mentioned below and their seemed to be consistency on 4 fronts.: get your community around you to help, keep it fresh, in the absence of resources, tell great repeatable stories and reply fast/be nimble.

Here’s what you said:

@endstigma Get staff, volunteers & online community to suggest good content!

@natureConsCDA Storytelling is so important!

@lowaterkeeper We try to do it at least daily. Depends on staff resources. agreed! 1/day on FB is enough for us based on numbers and fan feedback

@smallchangefund on which channel? FB 1-2 times per day, Twitter as much as we possibly can 10+ per day #wikichat

@safekidscanada we post something everyday on our site. Tip: start with the news of the day and talk about how your org fits in

@techsoupcanada  working on building up our blog and posting daily… though we’re lucky to be able to share great content w/ @techsoup

@redcrosscanada tips for content? Have fun! We keep it light, esp on our on blog, ie “Food Fridays”

@snotforprofit  I wish more causes would post daily about new things and less about contests like Pepsi Refresh etc

@YSM_TO As often as possible but only when there is something interesting to say.

@ceebie Alerts are a daily fixture in my inbox. Can’t live without ’em! #wikichat

@endstigma We try to post new content at least once a day. It becomes difficult when u can’t get out of mtgs long enough 2 tweet!

@AIDSLAW We post new content daily, usually stories on #HIV, #harmreduction, #drugpolicy, #accesstomedicines, #sexwork #cdnpoli #LGBT

@UNICEFlive Our SM updates leverage great content from around the world. We have to stay connected and nimble, esp. during emergencies

@seanmoffitt Interesting because the average lifespan of tweet is 12 minutes and facebook is 80 minutes @YSM_TO is there a Frequency hurdle?

@natureConsCDA we post daily, but more frequent on Twitter than FB. Tips: keep it real, keep it fun, keep it informative and timely

@WWFCanada We post multiple times a day – but we have a lot of unique content to share (videos, blogs from our scientists in the field)

@AIDSLAW Yes we agree! Content should always be relevant and valuable to your audience – and FRESH!

@alliekosela Crowdsourcing Contests … So controversial. It’s hard to win – takes a lot of your time to rally supporters eh!

@wharman @redcross : We are as utilitarian as possible – really fast at replying in real time, more care in proactive content

@philanthropy @karensnider several groups encourage every employee to be involved in sm

@natureconscda Keep it fresh – take current events and make them relevant to nature & conservation in new and unexpected ways

@kidshelpphone We post daily, with 1-2 posts on FB and 5-6+ on Twitter. Google Alerts help to find news bites to keep followers informed

@karensnider @Philanthropy actually, yeah, we have first aiders and disaster managers and bully prevention staff on Twitter too

@snotforprofit I love the spreading out the tasks idea, too. Redundancy for your org.

@claudiapetrilli @voicefound Great content that resonates? stories people can relate to. Let them know they’re not alone

@YSM_TO We post most things w Twitter & Facebook in tandem and the supplement throughout the day with more frequent Tweets

@slutwalkTO FB anywhere from 2-15 times/day & twitter multiple times/week. We share survivor stories, media articles, tips to connect ppl

@hivgirl post quality first and quantity second but almost exactly the same amount, otherwise people lose interest

@edwardbase22 Use Twitter to drive campaign awareness & market exposure to drive Facebook traffic and donation website

Our next Twitter Wikicauses #wikichat is July 26th, 2011 3:00-4:30pm EST on Twitter – (hashtag #wikichat) Hub accounts (@wikibrands @artezonline @seanmoffitt @snotforprofit).

If you work in or for not for profits, causes, charities and CSR efforts,  take our first annual WikiGood survey too – chance to win and get first crack at the research.

If you’d like to meet us in real-life, join us at the Artez Interaction Conference Sept 29th in Toronto for a one-day look at social and mobile fundraising strategies.

Also contribute to our WikiCauses white paper, your chance to direct the insights of our global study of engaged not-for-profits.

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