Attached are some of the highlights of our Twitter chat last month focused on causes.

From the people that work inside not-for-profits, we were curious to find out how much traction they were able to create in digital/social spheres with their own companies and their audiences, so we asked:

Q3: Do not-for-profits have a tougher time in social media?

Although two studies were linked to below that claim different level of adoptions with two different conclusions, not-for-profit practitioners generally thought they had the upper hand vs. their profit-minded peers,  except for the level of budgets and resources they were able to commit.

Here’s what you said:

@LOwaterkeeper : Less budget but we have more fun and more impact. Our msgs are real & meaningful. Greater purpose.Also depends on the strategy. Small campaign is tough due to $, long-term presence is easily sustained. Tough question. Social media is all about collecting arnd an idea. Non-profits can be front & centre

@safekidscanada not-for profits have easier time because we are trying to do good not sell you something you may not need

@karensnider If u have a cool brand, ppl follow and connect regardless of whether profit or non-profit. – we def dont have enough resources. Social media is time consuming too.

@snotforprofit Budgets are a big issue – are there ever enough resources/time at an NPO? Especially after 5pm & weekends

@endstigma I guess the same barriers apply w/ any non-profit activity. There’s always a shortage of resources.

@sagenonprofit Agree w/ @philanthropy nonprofits have advantage in social media b/c of causes 2 rally people around. Causes connect!

@philanthropy – Nonprofits have advantage b/c they have causes to rally people around. But often fewer resources than companies

@techsoupcanada a lot of nonprofits are small… that can be a big advantage on social media because you can be more authentic & experimental

@YSM_TO We have less money/time but more freedom to put different voices out there and allow for honest feedback from community

@wharman Easier = making headway on social good missions is perfect fit for social. Harder = resources to measure impact

@WWFCanada @sarafalconer I actually think non-profits are better suited to social media. More nimble, used to talking to our “customers” & small budgets

@canadahelps We have fewer resources, but better stories to tell & we’re better at building personal connections than most companies

@sickkids Social media is time consuming & resources are tight. But storytelling is a powerful tools to make connections

@movember Everyone faces same challenges, social media has created a new level of transparency – it’s important to listen and engage

@AIDSLAW As a smaller NPO, social media helps us expand our audience, learn new ideas and engage people in our work and that of others

@snotforprofit Nonprofits ahead? Doesn’t sound right – This study shows slower adoption:

@eeUS I think in a way it is harder for NPO’s because the ROI criteria is so different and debatable, for industry it’s money

@movember When it comes to frequency of updating content, we only post when it’s relevant and valuable

@endstigma True – I think non-profits are more used to treating donors as part of the community & valuing feedback

@philanthropy Nonprofits have advantage b/c they have causes 2 rally ppl around. But often fewer resources than companies

@WWFCanada Well, they have big personalities for people to connect with – look at how successful @DavidSuzukiFdn has been

@phlanthropy : ’09 study actually shows nonprofits ahead of companies

@smallchangefund This is a highly engaged SM audience, of course we will be feeling we have the edge, we are all using twitter right now!

@jmayville – I think that lots of people on social media are passionate about different issues, and therefore want to connect w NPOs

@uinvitedu As someone who has moved from non-profit to for-profit I agree with A3’s from npo’s. Nimble, flexible, trusted relationships. On flexibility 60% of my for-profit peers in #philanthropy are barred from access to social media #enagementfail

@kjthinks I bet tougher time if you differentiate between social media fostering new engagement or simply further engaging the engaged

@rethinktweet Definitely agree with you on that one! Social media allows small charities to have a larger reach too

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