Attached are some of the highlights of our Twitter chat last month focused on causes.

We were curious to find out real reason why causes were digitally engaging their fans so we asked:

Q2: What are the top 3 things motivating your online engagement strategies?

It was interesting to see how people approached the question – some saw it as a strategy, some saw it as a natural extension of their company’s mission, some saw it as an enabler and some saw it a tool.

here’s what you said:

@LOWaterkeeper Large jurisdiction, audience is online, tech-savvy staff šŸ™‚

@safekidscanadaĀ  Top 3 things motivating online engagement: people, geography and fun!

@fairchancedc to lead by example, to share the successes of our 57 DC partner organizations, to help children get equal access

@kidshelpphone 1. Connect 2. Inform 3. Inspire

@endstigma 1.Our patients 2.Our online community 3. Stories of recovery

@techsoupcanada share resources, get feedback/ideas/input, make random & fun connections

@YSM-TO 1) Who we are 2) What we do 3) Why we do it

@movember #1 sense of community on&offline during #Movember, you just look & you know

#2: The tools we give our Mo Bros to showcase their growth and philanthrophy

#3 Being transparent and sharing outcomes with our Mo Bros and Mos Sistas

@redcrosscanada 1) help people get help 2) inspire people to help 3) keep Red Crossers and supporters informed

@miss_merse Top motivator for being on social media- hands down being able to connect with people Daily, hourly

@canadahelps helping people connect to causes they care about & making online giving easy & fun

@AIDSLAW We want to share info, reach new audiences, encourage ppl to take action to reduce HIV stigma + protect human right to health

@natureConsCDA SM allows us to connect to new audiences, and show our lighter, more humorous side (our Nature+Junos or Nature+hockey chats)

@wwfCanada @sarafalconerĀ  Telling our story (which is often science-y) to a wider audience. Enabling supporters to be ambassadors. Reaching new donors

Our next Twitter Wikicauses #wikichat is July 26th, 2011 3:00-4:30pm EST on Twitter – (hashtag #wikichat) Hub accounts (@wikibrands @artezonline @seanmoffitt @snotforprofit).

If you work in or for not for profits, causes, charities and CSR efforts,Ā  take our first annual WikiGood survey too – chance to win and get first crack at the research.

If you’d like to meet us in real-life, join us at the Artez Interaction Conference Sept 29th in Toronto for a one-day look at social and mobile fundraising strategies.

Also contribute to our WikiCauses white paper, your chance to direct the insights of our global study of engaged not-for-profits.

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