Our Wikibrands collective just doesn’t know and practice a good transformation game, but we also talk it up.

Current issues? Best practices? Gold benchmarks? Relevant debates/. Everything is fair game. We bring together some of the best expert voices within our collective and sometimes special guests to chat the future of business, culture, society, and technology.

Expertly hosted by podcaster, thoughtleader, and member of the Wikibrands collective Doyle Buehler and curated by our Managing Director Sean Moffitt, we’ve crafted our episodes in 6 different channels:

Transform Episodes

This is where all forces intersect as we discuss the many interrelated forces at work with business and digital transformation and discuss relevant topics across the leadership, technology, customer, culture, and innovation change agendas of companies. We’ll blend insights, predictions, and debates from seasoned pros. who not only think about this stuff but actually do it as well.

Transform Channel

Scale Episodes

in this fast-moving digital world, if you are not growing, you are likely dieing. In these episodes, we engage the demand generators, the growth hackers, corporate venturists and scaleup masters on how to effectively accelerate your business, revenues, audiences and cultures. Far away from the marble towers of traditional; corporate landscapes exists a world where business pivots on breakneck speed and rate of change, where the culture has markedly different risk assessments, creativity and learning, and the workplace, decisions and collaborations are so much more flexible and distributed. This is what we kibbitz about.

Reinvent Episodes

In regular daily life, people reinvent themselves all the time by changing careers, lifestyles, relationships, appearances and/or outlooks, why shouldn’t companies too? In this episode series, we chat with the brand masters, passionate innovators and culture change agents on how to reinvent yourself as a company in the face of a world that is massively changing. What are the minority of companies that are effective at this game doing differently to walk, talk and act differently? Because to change is human, but to reinvent is divine.

Futureproof Episodes

The world is moving 7.7x faster than it did a generation ago – technology is changing at breakneck speed, business has sped ups and culture & people are following suit. As a company, blink and you may miss the future. In this episode series, we peer into the future and we project, forecast, predict and occasionally pontificate what our business future holds for us. Some of the world’s best researchers, trend-aware observers and planners bring their A-game to the discussion. Strap yourselves in, this could be a bumpy ride.

Digitalize Episodes

Becoming a digital or a digital-first company is the mantra of many forward-thinking CEOs and an accepted goal of most of your frontlines. Digitalizing is good business, but the paradox still exists – if it is so important, why are many companies so slow or even bad at it. In this episode series, we profile the emerging new technologies, some of their more exciting uses cases and applications,. who’s doing it right (and wrong),  how to integrate them inside your companies and maybe even chat some of the ethic as we move forward. AI, ioT, Blockchain, Big Data, Automation, Virtual agents, Robotics, The Cloud, 3D Printing, VR, AR, MR and a whole bunch more. We’ll cover it all with the leading sentries of technology, software, hardware and new media. Industry 4.0 awaits – zoom.

Signals Episodes

Things we’ve seen. Things we’ve read. Trends we’ve observed. People we have interviewed. Stuff that we are launching. Teasers for what might be coming. Opportunities to engage, It’s our monthly catch-all of what’s going on in our transformation world.

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