Our leading evaluation and planning tool acts as a quick first step to your company’s digital transformation or a thorough review internally and externally across 150 transformation individual criteria.
Everybody has a Starting Point, What’s Yours?
We want to demystify you. In truth,  transformation is not some initiative with a distinct starting and ending point. Don’t envision a big kickoff event or corporate project closeout wrap party, because there is no initial line in the sand and no finish line. In our Wikibrands’ T15 Transformation Audit©, we come up with a standardized score out of 100, and a classification into one of our 9 maturity levels, after evaluating 15 different transformation areas (adjusted by four situational factors):

Leadership, Governance & Sponsorship

W hat level of transformation stewardship and support is coming from the upper most levels of your company and practices in place?

Technological Scales, Flexibility & Capabilities

How much, how quickly and how easily is your organization converting from inefficient bricks, mortar, paper and boxes to real-time clicks, swipes, data and augmented, smarter products & services?

Clear & Bold Vision Purpose, Strategy & Targets  

How prominent, integral, aligned and practiced is your core mission, objectives, goals and chosen strategic directions in day-to-day business ?

Business Process & Supply Chain Integration and Flexibility  

Have you aligned your core 16 business processes to the transformation imperative?  Are you reimagining processes or simply placing bandaids on problems?

Commitment to Change, Urgency, Investment & Candor  

Has your leadership truly committed to change (or one foot/two feet stuck in the past)? Do they have skin in the game?

Smarter Measurement, Metrics and Data  

Are you able to measure what you want to change? Have you landed on the right focused set of measures? Can each function/project point to their impacting key overall measures? are you able to access data well?

Reinforcing Culture, Values, Behaviours and Energy

Is your culture motivating, empowering and inspiring? do staff have a clear understanding on the need for change? do your people know to do the right thing?

Customers Insights, Experiences & Touchpoints

How central is customer centricity to your decision making, delivery of an optimal customer journey? how available and effectively do you operate at each intersection with your desired customer?

Talent, Skillsets, Structure, Engagement & Literacy 

How experienced, skilled, structured, trained and empowered is your talent pool to drive progress? can you identify your most engaged/most influential employees?

Marketing, Content, Communication & Collaboration  

How effective are you in activating, converting and driving customer value, affinity, loyalty, word of mouth and co-involvement with your customers, users, prospects and ambassadors?

Performance Management, KPIs & Incentives

How much do your values, rituals, incentives & motivations, risk management, measures and metrics serve to promote the right type of change and advancement?

Channels, Commerce & Partnerships 

How sophisticated are your selling approaches? are you operating in the right channels with the right portfolios/offerings? do your channels map well to your customer targets and choices? do you have a healthy short-term and long term funnel?

New Business Models & Emerging Technology Adoption

Are you actively trying to disrupt your own business model? how readily do you embrace new ways of driving value? are new paradigms considered (or dismissed readily)?

Change Catalysts

Do you have a prominent external influence steering you to change? do you have a pressing internal influence advocating for change? Is there a crisis moment to your organization?

Marketplace Foresight & Experimentation

How effective are you in detecting change-driven opportunities, threats, future possibilities & smart bets? are your success benchmarks/learnings outside of your current industry?

Industry Threats 

How broad, deep and effective are the competitive digital offerings of your industry segment? How pressing are entrants from outside your current industry? can you imagine a different world without too much exaggeration?

Appetite for Risk (failing small/fast)

Are people allowed to fail in your organization? do you celebrate failure as a necessary path to success? do you have a bias for action, common sense and smart hunches (vs. over-analysis and need for validation)?

Business Ambition/ Marketplace Expectations

How successful do you really want to be? what level of current and future expectations do customers, sales channels, users, consumers, talent and other stakeholders have for your progress?

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