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Wikibrands Social Media Masters 2011 – Creating Buzz and Engaging Influencers

[ 2 ] September 26, 2011 |

Word of mouth is like love – everybody wants it, many deny you can get it – it’s more serendipitous, only a few believe you can map how to fall and stay in love. But both make the world go around”

In my recent presentation sponsored by the Social Media Club and Sensai Marketing, I play the role of “Love Doctor for WoM” outling several thoughts about buzz, word of mouth and evangelism:
– Strategy – the 13Es of new marketing and how Evangelism is the most important
– Principles – the 4 absolute laws of the Social ‘Net
– Characteristics – the 8 traits you want your marketing efforts described as
– Hard wiring/ Anthropology – the 6 core instincts on why humans are predisposed to talk
– Engaged Customer Needs – the 8 driving needs of the post-modern customer
– Categories of Word of Mouth – the 8 types of word of mouth
– Elements of Word of Mouth – the ranked key 10 elements that lead to word of mouth
– Process – the 8 key steps for orchestrating amplified word of mouth
– Stats – the 15 key stats that influencers are alive and well on the digital web
– Benefits – the 6 key outputs from creating word of mouth and ambassador communities
– Power – the 4 factors and 20 sub-factors in individual influence (RECs fomula)
– Traits – the 8 core traits of an influencer (ACTIVES-P)
Types of Influencer – the 6 core archetypes of influencers along the adoption curve
Word of Mouth Triggers – the 36 types of word of mouth stimulus with brand and TV examples
Methods – the 30 hard won tips to cultivating word of mouth among influencers in real-life
Enjoy the wall-to-wall insight on how buzz travels! Or better yet, join me in Toronto October 7th or Kansas City October 21st. As a Wikibrands ambassador, get 30% off an already great ticket, by inputting discount code SMMSM30

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  2. Wendy says:

    Word-of-mouth and social marketing techniques have continued to grow in importance. Ive read stunning reviews from clients of the 1st “SocioViral” marketing company, MagicBuz, which is producing dramatic results and an excellent ROI. Their approach includes engaging in conversations with communities where decisions are being made. After all, Nielsen says that 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations. Sounds like an interesting approach that shows some of the things discussed in this article. If youre interested in more, their site is obviously.

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