I thoroughly enjoyed my time on and off the stage at Social Media Camp Victoria. My presentation is shown above. Apparently the majority of the 650 attendees agree with me. I was zealous enough to deliver my keynote with full Vancouver Canucks regalia (note to prospective keynote speakers – play to and customize for your audience, especially when you are a fan).

I’d like to thank the organizers Chris Burdge and Paul Holmes for putting on a well-organized event (we’ve even had some preliminary chatter of bringing the Camp out east). Thanks to Russel Lolacher and Yukari Peerless for putting me on their Getting Engaged reel (henceforth to be known as the Elevator sessions). Thanks to Yelp’s Crystal Hendrickson for letting me play the Yelp Scrabble game (thought my 63 pt. word would hold up). Thanks as well to Kim Plumley and Bob Garlick for inviting me into their podcast tent.  Plenty of other people to thank, so perhaps warrants another post…

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