One of the most commonly asked questions on our Wikibrands book tour is the glib  “well, what’s your book about?” I’m afraid easier asked, than answered.

We’re not exclusively a marketing book (apparently marketers don’t read books) , nor a business operations book (yawn…), or yet another social media tall story (there are plenty of those, please stop), a customer experience yarn (although you are getting warmer) and nor are we purely about tech and the digitization of culture (however much that interests us). No, we are a bit of everything.

Consider us New Business Tapas – we taste good, we have a lot of different ingredients, after finishing you’ll feel fulfilled and there’s something that you will like in at least some of our bowls if not all of them.

We’ve tried to navigate through the dark corners and dingy alleyways of the messy social web, the frenetic tech culture, the bespoke marketing departments and the labyrinth of corporate hallways to come up with a new argument for business in 2011.  These people are very different beasts – just look at their fashion (t-shirts, jeans, turtlenecks and suits).

We also care less about the idea of launching the next VC-funded app  or building a utopian egalitarian world or even propelling your personal brand forward (although we do spend a chapter on this). It’s an argument for organizations of any size from 2 to 2 million employees.

In fact, we have recruited a number of Wikibrand ambassasdors and it’s quite illustrative where the division of their interests lie and what parts of our tapas they like, we’ll let their answers tell the story of our book:

Business (in parentheses, percentage represents interest in contributing)

Business/Brand Strategy              48%

Business Leadership                       31%

Trends/The Future                       27%

Change Management/HR/operations/internalizing/integrating Wikibrands  14%

Measurement and Metrics          5%


Community management/day-to-day leadership                25%

Culture/anthropology                    17%

Customer Listening                         15%

Customer Insight/Observation  10%

Online community planning architecture  10%


Branding/Differentiation              32%

Content strategy/production     24%

Participation Incentives and Motivation   10%

Outreach/conversion/influencers/SEO/SMO  7%


Social media and tools                   41%

Collaborative platforms and technology                  20%

Rules, guidelines and training     5%

In-market Experiences/Evaluations/Industry-Specific Insights

Personal Wikibrands                       19%

B-to-B Wikibrands                           14%

Not-for-profit Wikibrands            14%

Public sector Wikibrands                 5%

Client practice/in-market learnings  5%

Much like a good restaurant or musician, we don’t want to be just one thing and put in a box. And the one thing this new business universe begs are executives and managers bridging across  these different tastes and forming a stronger, collaborative and co-innovative organization by having their hands on all bowls. At SXSW, we heard it as a trend explained with various nouns – transmedia, convergence, the bootstrapping corporation.

So if you like steak, and you like it all the time…this book isn’t for you. But if you like a bit of everything, sprinkled together intelligently then una cerveza, por favor, let’s get some business tapas.

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