Wikibrands exists as a customer engagement and innovation hub focused on your business opportunities and gaps in building, integrating and tapping the value stream of your digital engagement.

We fill the gaps that other siloed agency networks, strategy-only consultancies and one-trick pony software developers, digital and  PR shops are not providing We build an ensuite of consulting and services that embrace new connected brand models and technologies (see below) to get at the heart of your biggest gaps and opportunities (see below), from strategy to execution.

Brand owners aren’t dumb, they know that there is digital evolution, maybe, revolution going on. They just don’t know how to tackle this monster or who to turn to.
Some of brand owner’s toughest current day problems are not easily solved by their agencies or staff :
  • Experience gaps – traditional agency culture not a fit with new issues
  • Execution gaps – provide thought leadership but no arms and legs execution
  • Culture gaps – believe broadcast model still works/little interest in real client partnership

Biggest Current Brand Gaps

#1 Data explosion
#2 Social Media and Need for Content
#3 Growth of channels/devices
#4 Shifting consumer demographics
#5 Financial constraints
#6 Decreasing brand loyalty
#7 Growth market opportunities
#8 ROI accountability
#9 Customer collaboration/influence
#10 Privacy considerations

Areas of Future Spending Growth:

#1 Social Media
#2 Customer Analytics
#3 CRM
#4 Mobile applications
#5 Content Management
#6 Tablet applications
#7 Single view of the customer
#8 Collaboration tools
#9 Predictive analytics
#10 Reputation management

So Do You Feel Prepared for This Digital Age? Seriously?

See what we do…here.

Most of you don’t, take our survey to figure out where you stand.

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