Having just traversed North America touring our book Wikibrands (www.wikibrands.com) and the 70+ presentations it entailed, I’m not only considerably hoarser but really looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting down to the business of applying Wikibranding to some real world, engaged clients. Perhaps you.

Successful people have little time to waste dissecting whether good fit exists. As a potential Wikibrand champion, take our shorthand Wikibrand Champion’s Test to prove whether you need the stuff we got.

Would you describe yourself as having :

– a progressive innovation streak (2 pts)

– a pragmatist view on business (2 pts)

– a feverish level of brand evangelism (2 pts)

– a healthy curiosity about the social web (2 pts)

– a passion for the customer (2 pts)
Are you :

– participating personally in 3 of the top 6 social networks (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare,YouTube, Flickr) (2 pts)

– influencing your employees to adopt collaboration tools and practices internally (2 pts)

– experimenting with various social web ideas (2 pts)

– allowing customer feedback to directly inform/improve your business operations (2 pts)

–  preaching authenticity and transparency in your business practices and communications (2 pts)
Do you need additional help in:

– validating your approach to the connected web? (2 pts)

– having seasoned experts thinking about what’s next? (2 pts)

– giving your executive a “social” shot in the arm? (2 pts)

– bridging understaffed or organizational web talent gaps? (2 pts)

– envisioning your brand evolution into a Wikibrand? (2 pts)
If you’re 24+ pts. or above, you are a prospective Wikibrands champion and even up to 14 pts., we still might have some hope in working with you; bridging what we know with what you need on the social, open and collaborative web.

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