In a world where agencies are still trying to learn how to emerge from broadcast’s shadow, media is trying to figure out how to monetize this new thing “social” and consultancies are wholly unprepared for the elimination of corporate hierarchies,  Wikibrands stands as a solution…and now we’re open for a business.

With our 20+ strategists, experts and consultants (and over 100+ partners) , Wikibrands now is poised to be your partner in building a customer centric business for the digital age.

Now well into 5 years 0f the mainstreaming of social media, its about time we start having some grownup conversation about the role of online community, social media, grassroots influencers, connected technologies and customer collaboration. As somebody described our fledgling group and focus – “you’re like McKinsey, just for the digital age”.

Whereas anybody can build out a Facebook page or manage a Twitter wall, here are 12 higher order things we can do right out of the gates for you:

1) Readiness – Wikibrand/social business opportunity assessment, audit and business case development

2) Direction – Social/customer engagement business vision, strategy direction, roadmap and project management

3) Monitoring – Engagement insight, listening, metrics and scorecard development, plan and tracking

4) Organizational design – embedding behaviours – organizational alignment, roles and responsibilities

5) Best Practices – validate strongest local market approaches to readiness, rollout, staffing, platform development and social tools

6) Community Management – resource the customer conscience, front line “social face” and internal ringleader of company’s social platforms

7) Influencer Relationship Management – identify and incubate enthusiasm of brand and interest group

8 ) Content Leadership – develop strategy and implement plan for professional, curated and user-generated social content rollout

9) Rules – build social/engagement policy and guidelines development and employee training

10) Activation – production of innovative concepts, sponsor vehicles, community initiatives, creative and digital assets and apps (w/ or w/o assistance of other agencies)

11) Bootcamps – intense one-three day sessions with project teams to internalize value and drive dialogue behind social and digital engagement/change

12) Keynotes – customized and well-researched sessions to inspire, validate and lead social business change

So whether it is a special project, a new initiative or ongoing effort, if you would like to book us one of the above engagements with your organization, give Nadia a shout 416-255-4500 x228 or drop us a note at

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