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Twitter and The Cult of Personal Brands

[ 0 ] June 15, 2011 |

Looking at the top 100 Twitter accounts measured by number of followers, you notice how the lense has changed in fandom.

Although transient in affiliation, we’d rather follow players than teams, authors than publishers, CEOs than businesses, Presidents than governments, Talk show hosts over programs.

Conclusion – It’s a personal brand world and if you want to succeed in it, get over your need for privacy, we want to have more transparent relationships with the people we deal with. Get out from behind the curtain and start building your personal wikibrand alongside your corporate brand. One plus one truly does equal three.

Here’s the breakdown and averages of the top 100 Tweeters:

Average number of Tweets –  7,234

Average number of followers – 3.63 million followers

Average number of followed – 16,515 followed (although the median is 263 and 9 follow less than 10)


Musicians/Singers       35

Actors                            11

Talk Show Hosts            8

Websites                         8

Sports                              8

News Groups                  7

Web Personality             7

Famous for being Famous 5

Politics /Politicians         3

Brands                              1

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