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Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today!  At the pace of today’s marketplace, if you’re not moving ahead, you are most likely falling behind.  Make no mistake – change is tough, but disruption is worse. As former executive clients,  Wikibrands knows what you are up against, let us help you.

Don’t be fooled by high-priced consultancies selling you on elegant models or software firms promising you change through technology, why do you think 70%+ transformation projects fail? If you want to change successfully, your strategic direction, operations, culture, customer perspective and innovation spirit all have to change. Work with Wikibrand’s business transformation pros to harness your T15© business transformation forces.  

The Transformation Maturity Audit - The Mirror Test

Everybody has a different starting point, what’s yours?  We have seen the best transformation tools out there and humbly, we think ours is best. Wikibrands has curated our top 15 market-tested change levers (listed below) that indicate advanced business maturity and have tailored our workshop for different client maturities, needs, gaps, industries and marketplaces. We have three levels of audit comprehensiveness, depending on your budget, need and time. Conveniently, we can also use our audit tool as a first step in providing focus to your future Transformation Roadmap.

Get started with your T15 Transformation Audit© assessment.

T1 - Leadership, Governance & Sponsorship

Transformation starts at the top.  What level of transformation stewardship and support is coming from the upper most levels of your company ? How in tune with the marketplace/ company/ technology is the leadership team? Is your leadership actively championing transformation projects? Are they continuously supporting change-motivated behaviours and urgency?  And more…

Let’s shape up your high-performing, change-ready executive team.

T2 - Clear, Bold Vision, Purpose, Strategy & Targets

What is your company’s raison d’être?  How prominent, integral, aligned and practiced is your core mission, objectives, goals and chosen strategic directions in day-to-day business? Does what you are trying to do “matter”? Will it create impact beyond your company? And more…

Build an unwavering change compass, not a shingle on the wall.

T3 - Commitment to Change, Urgency, Investment & Candor

Put some stakes in the ground, set the pace and applaud the spirit. Has your leadership truly committed to change (or have one foot/two feet stuck in the past)? Does leadership have enough “skin in the game”? Will they see it through and be resilient despite first or forbidding obstacles? And more….

Inspire others to dream more, learn more and become more, faster.

T4 - Technological Scale, Flexibility & Capabilities 

Is your technology a value, a strategy, a function or tactic? How much, how quickly and how easily is your organization converting from inefficient bricks, mortar, paper and boxes to real-time clicks, swipes, data and augmented, smarter products & services? How open and flexible is your technology to change/unanticipated directions? And more…

Drive to become a digital-first company.

T5 - Business Process, Supply Chain Integration & Flexibility

You can’t just wish transformation into existence. Have you aligned your core 16 business processes to the transformation imperative? How extensive and how well do your workflows, supply chains, sales efforts and workplaces integrate and talk to each other? And more…

Plan your transformation change wide, deep & networked.

T6 - Smarter Measurement, Metrics & Data

You are what you measure.  Are you able to measure what you want to change? Have you landed on the right focused set of measures? Can each function/project point to their impacting key iverall measures? Are you able to access data? Is the integrity of data strong? And more…

Construct your dashboard of transformation “north stars”. 

T7 - Reinforcing Culture, Values, Behaviour & Energy

Culture eats strategy & technology for breakfast. Is your culture motivating, empowering and inspiring? Do staff have a clear understanding on the need for change? Do your people know to do the right thing? Is bad behavior corrected quickly? And more…

Build the agile workplace you would like to work in.

T8 - Talent, Skillsets, Structure, Engagement & Literacy

The people that are crazy enough to think they can change the world actually do.  How experienced, skilled, structured, trained and empowered is your talent pool to drive progress? Can you identify your most engaged/most influential employees? And more…

Boost your “people” transformation stack. 

T9 - Performance Management, KPIs and Incentives

Strive for continuous improvement versus perfection. How much do your values, rituals, incentives & motivations, risk management, measures and metrics serve to promote the right type of change and advancement? Are your KPIS/measures prominent and well-known? And more …

Embed your company change with employee behaviour change motivations.

T10 - Customer Insights, Experience and Touchpoints

Business is won and lost on the battleground of customer experience. How central is customer centricity to your decision making, delivery of an optimal customer journey? How available and effectively do you operate at each intersection with your desired customer? And more…

Bridge the biggest chasm between business and tech – the happy customer. 

T11 - Marketing, Content, Communication & Collaboration

Change who you are; change what you say.  How effective are you in activating, converting, driving customer value, affinity, word of mouth and co-involvement with your customers, users, prospects and ambassadors? Do you know the success factors in delivering marketplace demand? And more…

Shorten the distance between your company operations and  brand promise & story.

T12 - Channels, Commerce & Partnerships

Transformation power is proportional to your network.  How sophisticated are your selling approaches? Are you operating in the right channels with the right portfolios/offerings? And more …

Build your transformation omni-channel and ecosystem.

T13 - New Business Models & Emerging Technology Adoption

Adopt, fast follow or get out of the way. Are you actively trying to disrupt your own business model? How readily do you embrace new ways of driving value (vs. arrogant about your own way)? Are new paradigms of business considered (or dismissed readily)? And more…

Enhance your portfolio of new horizons, technology and thinking.

T14 - Marketplace Foresight & Experimentation

Growth is a process of experimentation.  How effective are you in detecting change-driven opportunities, threats, future possibilities, smart bets and incubating & commercializing new technology-driven innovation? Are your success benchmarks/learnings outside of your current industry? And more…

Futureproof to meet the marketplace of tomorrow’s needs.

T15 - Appetite for Risk, Failing Small & Failing Fast

Failure contains the seeds of your next success.  Are people allowed to fail in your organization? Do you celebrate failure as a necessary path to success? And more…

Get unstuck from the fear of getting it wrong.

The Transformation Roadmap - Start Changing Today

Observation is passive transformation, changing is active transformation.  Transform your audit and lead assessments into a detailed 12-24-month transformation roadmap describing the change mandates, key priorities, gaps to bridge, business impact of changes and how they will be led, managed and monitored.

Generate your return on transformation with a T15 Transformation Roadmap.

Sean Moffitt

Transformation Champion

“There is nothing permanent in business except change. Incumbent companies that service clients on this mandate are weak at best – functional tools bias, thin spans of experience, lack of general knowledge base and insufficient transformation  pedigree are all challenges. We get it, we’ve been there before, and we can help you through the travails of change.

As an on-demand collective, Wikibrands offers the transformation expertise, where you want it, how you need it, experienced,  comprehensive, simplified and future-driven.”

Informed by:

Covering the 15 Levers of Transformation:

Perfect For:

  • Visionary CEOs/CxOs
  • New Management Teams
  • Struggling / Underperforming / Disconnected Businesses
  • Corporate Change Agents
  • Misaligned/ Turf Wars
  • Crisis Moment/Big Window of Opportunity
  • Striving to be Digitally-First
  • Customer, Culture & Technology Trailblazers
  • Previously Failed, Transformation Projects/Change Initiatives
  • Absence of Vision, Strategy or Purpose

Wikibrand’s Full Transformation Monty

We have “peeled the onion” on the question “what truly drives Business Transformation?”. We’ve identified the essential 15 levers to how company’s effectively change. Our key competitors, consultancies, tech firms and agencies, only cover off seven of them – we think that’s flawed from the start.


Plan transformation better, execute better – with Wikibrands.

Getting Started - Immersions/Workshops

Whether you are at the start, middle or struggling in your transformation efforts, we can help demonstrate best practices in advance of your business change “shocks to the system”  with our short immersion and workshop-driven sessions.

Going Deep - Sprints/Training

We’ll go beyond the test phase, conducting a full assessment and collaborative planning focus on your business through our multi-day transformation sprints, executive briefing series and training curriculum. You’ll leave with a roughed out plan and/or full 12-24 month ongoing executive update and training program series.  Our collective can even help counsel and guide its suggested recommendations.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch, or consider a more involved transformation engagement.

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