Episode #2 – Transform –

“A.I. and The Future of Work”

Our AI-obsessed faculty of experts within the Wikibrands Collective bantered about the uncertain workplace of the future and how it will be changed by the advancement of AI, machine learning, automation and technology. Listen and then keep us honest by playing back 10 years from now.

Episode Panelists:

Host: Doyle Buehler, CEO, Breakthrough Digital
  • Paul Barter, Managing Director, Paul Barter & Associates
  • Sean Moffitt, Managing Director, Wikibrands


0:00 Intros and Paul Barter’s revelation on the book he is working on “Who”Next?” http://paulbarter.com/upcoming-books/

2:00 AI and the General Purpose nature of its technology and it’s #1 Ranked Status

2:45 Jobs Automated & Lost and Jobs Created & Discovered

3:20 A.I. and The Transformation of Industries

4:00 The Short-term Challenge of Working Alongside of Technology

5:00 What is The Line of Automation – Is It Takes a Human a Few Seconds To Do, You are Gone? Critical thinking and creativity will still be required.

7:00 Machine Learning and Human Capabilities

8:00 Societal Pushback – The end of Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants

10:20 A Planet That is More Productive and the Implementation of AI in Industries

11:10 Financial Institutions, the Adoption Curve and the Two Speeds of AI

12:30 AI and The Importance of Experimenting and Paul’s Workshops

14:00 The Insanity of Process Complexity, Simplifying Processes and Getting Started with AI and Machine Learning

15;00 Expanding Beyond Automation – Recognizing Patterns, Predictions, Improving Decisions and Experiences

16:45 General Purpose Technology and Early vs. Late Stages – James Watt – early, Railroads- later and how AI is permeating other industries almost immediately

17:30 The Elimination of Bias and Other Higher Order Benefits

18:00 The Downsides of AI, Pragmatic Viewpoints and How do Blue Collar Workers Get Skilled Up

19:30 A new Keynote by Sean  – AI and The Future of Marketing  http://wiki-brands.com/aithefutureofmarketing/

20:00 Paul’s workshop – Ai for Business Decision Makers  http://paulbarter.com/what-we-do/

21:00 Conclusion

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