Episode #1 – Transform – “The 10,000 Foot View”

A powerhouse squad of members of the Wikibrands Collective discussing some of the general discussions and debates on business and digital transformation.
What is “business transformation”?
What’s the role of technology?
What is business transformation trying to achieve?
What is the biggest success factor of business transformation?
What is the top barrier to transformation?
Hashtag: #wikitransform

Episode Panelists:

Host: Doyle Buehler, CEO, Breakthrough Digital – Strategic Digital Branding & Marketing Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Digital Strategy, Leadership, Innovation,  Podcast Host
  • Andrea Kates, Managing Partner, i-Scale, – author and corporate transformation leader focused on Tech-based solutions, commercialization, innovation with some of the world’s leading companies
  • Farid Mheir, Enterprise Architect, FMCS Digital – based out of Montreal, An accomplished, digital technology consultant. helping business executives determine which technologies can solve their problems
  • Sean Moffitt, Managing Director, Wikibrands – based out of Toronto – global thought leader, author and transformation change agent helping businesses pivot, innovate and futureproof themselves


Doyle Buehler

Farid Mheir

Andrea Kates

Sean Moffitt


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