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Transcript – #wikichat – Community Platforms

[ 0 ] April 19, 2011 |

Hi everyone, thanks for the participation in the Tuesday #wikichat. Below you will find the questions, followed by highlights from the contributors.

wikibrands To get started Q1: What’s your best quote/motto that summarizes the state of online communities/social software?

SeanMoffitt Let’s see who jumps into the #wikichat today #socalcrm #community #software #platforms #engagement #collabroation #technology #networks

CommunityGurus Q1 : “Community platforms should be built like cafes not subway stations and certainly not libraries” #wikichat

cothrel Like cafes, stations, or libraries? Gotta be all of the above, like great cities are. #wikichat

MeltwaterBuzz Q1: Communities will be more people centric than brand centric. #wikichat

LOKBP Q1: “When I think online community software and customers – it feels like steroid users and the testers” – which one is ahead? #wikichat

cothrel People versus brand? False choice really. One fails for customer, the other fails for business. #wikichat

EricBuchegger Q1: Communities very much feel like home, but there’s often plenty of room to invite more friends and neighbors in. #wikichat

MeltwaterBuzz Q1: Online communities will morph to be more accessible to more people. #wikichat

MeltwaterBuzz Q1a: We them as riding the consumer culture of networking across many channels. #wikichat

MeltwaterBuzz Q1: I see a community as a topic/interest/activity not a channel #wikichat

wikibrands Q2: What’s the biggest hurdle inside companies when it comes to implementation of enterprise 2.0/community? Ways to overcome? #wikichat

cothrel @MeltwaterBuzz recent consumer launch we had showed 25% of people had never participated in a community before. #wikichat

SeanMoffitt @meltwaterbuzz quite interested in the morphing – will they be incredible well developed or ride consumer culture of networking #wikichat

vassko Q2 – People are the biggest problem and you need to work with them first #wikichat

SeanMoffitt @cothrel @meltwaterbuzz i’m guessing that includes facebook as a community? is facebook a community?

cothrel @wikibrands Internal collab is where customer communities were 10 yrs ago – lots of ways to interact, no reason to do it. #wikichat

SeanMoffitt @ericbuchegger love he metaphor – i’ll take it further – “communities are well built homes, often with really bad furniture” #wikichat

craigritchie @wikibrands Q2: Ownership and value. Must integrate holistically instead of handing it to one dept. Must continuously educate. #wikichat

EricBuchegger @craigritchie Well put. Can get marketing, communications, customer services, product dev, so many departments on board.

vassko Q2, let them use social software and see if it will work. Not all companies will adopt (fast)

CommunityGurus Hmm Q2 – “can’t think of a bigger difference between the CIO and CMO” – culture not meeting tech in companies #wikichat #hurdles

cothrel @wikibrands re internal collaboration, reputation provides the reason

EricBuchegger Q2: Demonstration of ROI. To overcome -work with team to set objectives/metrics, attain understanding and invest time in educating #wikichat

MeltwaterBuzz Q2: How do you find all the conversations in a topical community that spans multiple channels?

claudiapetrilli @meltwaterbuzz why not a channel?

MeltwaterBuzz @ClaudiaPetrilli If I’m part of the Organic Nutrition “community” I may be on a channel that you’re not on (i.e. Fb, twitter…)

craigritchie Q2: Too many communities “launched” with the focus on the brand/product, not the members’ needs and desires.

SeanMoffitt I remember we talked to one company and they got 15% of employees joining of community, swa it as a disappointment, was it?

cothrel @SeanMoffitt 15% over what period of time, Sean?

SeanMoffitt @cothrel apportion it for me – lack of collab. – tech/tools vs. culture vs. silos vs. leadership vs. integration vs. talent

cothrel @SeanMoffitt for internal collab, about equal parts leadership, ease of use (of which integration is a part), culture, and access

elimccargar Q2: culture is the biggest obstacle 2 adoption. social software is invasive & disruptive, as facebook as been 2 our social lives

elimccargar @SeanMoffitt #socbiz should work the same way, but only in companies where people r actually invested in mutual success (culture)

cothrel @elimccargar I find people turn too often to culture as an excuse, when they haven’t done the basics to break down barriers

SeanMoffitt @elimccargar why does everybody join facebook then-is it ubiquity? saw a study graded facebook user experience on par with mySpace

elimccargar @SeanMoffitt people started to join facebook because of popularity- what are the cool people doing? look at me, i’m cool too!

claudiapetrilli @seanmoffitt no.Once it became mainstream, the cool kids moved on to something new. But the community was established @elimccargar

CommunityGurus @vassko I’m curious as it seems to be facebook as line extended itself into every other thing, why not corporate communities

vassko @CommunityGurus too much noise on FB, you need to be able to focus on your work

SeanMoffitt Wait a minute the growth target for Facebook in North America is a 62 year old mom-is that cool now? @claudiapetrilli @elimccargar

elimccargar q2: Therefore, community launches must be joint effort btwn execs and employees- i.e. start a pilot with 2 people from every dept

MeltwaterBuzz @seanmoffitt I couldn’t see joining the swa community, but I would join the ‘Fly Cheaper’ one! 🙂

SeanMoffitt @meltwaterbuzz love the distinction – or the Cisco Green Ambassadors Club vs. One Million Acts of Green Challenge

wikibrands Q3: For years, social software companies fought? But is the real competitor Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Foursquare?

EricBuchegger Q3: By the numbers, yes – and far more so Facebook than any other platform.

SeanMoffitt Q3: If the pie is big enough, I see all these open networks as pot. threats to socialcrm, community and agencies quite frankly

MeltwaterBuzz Q3: Can’t we just all get along?! Those are communication channels hosting conversations. Do they compete to the corner pub too?

cothrel @SeanMoffitt re Q3, we know it’s a zero sum among socnets, but between socnets and the rest it’s unclear

cothrel @SeanMoffitt re Q3, I don’t believe communities are going away any more than I believe websites are going away

SeanMoffitt Well summated @MeltwaterBuzz Q3:Those are communication channels hosting conversations. Do they compete to the corner pub too?

vassko @cothrel I think all web sites will be community based in the end or at least Social, so all sites will be social communities soon

CommunityGurus q#: It’s as much a complement to the industry companies are finally interested in social that the Twitters/Fbooks get interested

wikibrands Q4: The blurring line between external and internal? Tech., apps, employees, fans. What’s it mean for social software companies?

cothrel @wikibrands Not a single customer of ours who doesn’t use the platform both ways. Employees generally private, customers public

vassko @wikibrands Security, integration, work focus, NPV, security, apps – maybe – groups, profiles, microblogging

SeanMoffitt @vassko that is an impressive set of reasons, in order or priority?

vassko @SeanMoffitt it depends on the organization if you ask me

cothrel @wikibrands but analytics for internal need to be different b/c you’re paying for that time, where customer’s time is their own

vassko @cothrel it gets interesting, when you mix them both, but is also more complicated and dangerous

cothrel @vassko Yes, I’m not saying necessarily mixing those audiences. Scary to hear ppl say, “inspire your employees and set them free”

SeanMoffitt @cothrel @vassko rare companies when they do set them free, but horrible approach – most open tools with outside universe

vassko @cothrel well, simple for some organizations, this will not work at all, they are not ready for this. Others will thrive

cothrel @SeanMoffitt Inspire yes, but lead, guide, and protect.

cothrel @vassko Simple if you’re 10 people, and they are the right people. Deadly if you’re 100, or 1,000, or 100,000

MeltwaterBuzz Q4: Big impact for #socbiz. The number of initiatives is exploding. Lots of opportunities and challenges.

vassko @MeltwaterBuzz you need to stay focused and start small and control your growth in any community, keep it simple

elimccargar #wikichat Q4: integration is key. more platforms= less adoption, so how do we securely combine internal/external? Comes down to structure

MeltwaterBuzz @vassko Q4: The community for sales/marketing is different that that of customer service as an example.

elimccargar #wikichat Q4: community=network, and a company does not exist in a vacuum- partners, vendors, distributors

SeanMoffitt @meltwaterbuzz @vassko it seems like that’s where there is tension in any of this – marketing/sales use vs. operations/service use

othrel @SeanMoffitt @meltwaterbuzz @vassko Not necessarily tension, unless you’re clumsy – but definitely some sorting out happening.

cothrel @SeanMoffitt seems to take 8-10 months of social marketing before an enterprise realizes that it’s a broader conversation

SeanMoffitt @cothrel don’t you love it when the pin drops and companies start to get it re: 8-10 months later

cothrel @SeanMoffitt I live for those “light bulb” moments! Such a privilege to be there with a large enterprise when they get it.

SeanMoffitt @cothrel you know you’re centralized and experienced when you have a NASA-like social media monitoring room 🙂

SeanMoffitt When does collaboration breakdown – seesm like companies under 15-20 people get this culture/motivation, after that

cothrel @SeanMoffitt @vassko *Everything’s* easier at 10-15 people.:)

vassko @SeanMoffitt not sure, we a small and we collaborate online 24×7 with our 4 offices around the world and it works great

craigritchie Q4 It’s important not to confuse community with community tools. Of course, @Wikibrands knows the difference.

wikibrands Q5: Who should own this for companies? A dedicated department or a specific function? CEO, COO, CIO, CMO, CCO or CSO?

MeltwaterBuzz Q5: For a truly social company a CSO. But for other COO. #socbiz is cross departmental.

cothrel @CommunityGurus re Q5, tends to be functnl today, with a “center of excellence” tying it together. Who owns depends on what for.

vassko @MeltwaterBuzz we talked about this yesterday, we see few different areas here Top down, bottom up, projects

MeltwaterBuzz Q4/Q5: Communities are a companies venn diagram of multiple groups and multiple intersections. That’s the true social CRM

SeanMoffitt Re: Q5 We chatted to Dell @cothrel and they seems to be on their third iteration of this – central, decentral, central

cothrel @SeanMoffitt @cothrel interesting – ctr gets stronger over time as you learn more. Dell’s been at it 10yrs (we helped them start)

elimccargar #wikichat Q5: we see viral adoption (#yammer) and top-down installation (#sharepoint), but a company is a team

CommunityGurus Q5: I would normally say the CMO should lead central focus/expertise but many are aloof, scared and living in 1987

elimccargar #wikichat Q%; simple answer, everybody. Perhaps it starts with the acceptance/approval of the COO but everyone has 2 b pulling the same rope

vassko @wikibrands keep it simple, have a clear goal, community managers, and executive sponsor that gets it.

wikibrands Q6: Who are your most inspirational examples of companies that have nailed community? What traits do they have in common?

cothrel @wikibrands Giffgaff’s best example for dynamic creation of business with customer as partner.

SeanMoffitt @cothrel had never heard of @giffgaff never mind their success in community – what’s there special sauce

cothrel @SeanMoffitt @cothrel @giffgaff

cothrel @SeanMoffitt @cothrel @giffgaff great platform, of course :), but brilliant community management and business management

cothrel @claudiapetrilli I love following their blog – real-time dialogue with customers about how they are influencing the business.

SeanMoffitt I love what @Zappos does from an external standpoint, but I would give many of the ecommerce companies high marks internally

cothrel @wikibrands Best Buy’s best for the seeing a wide range of social, all done well.

MeltwaterBuzz Q6: those brands that see the community is not about them but for the benefit of the members.

CommunityGurus @meltwaterbuzz what’s your position on companies who “sell” in their communities – encouraged, allowable or cardinal sin?

cothrel @CommunityGurus @meltwaterbuzz Used to be anathema, now companies see that customers are interested if it’s done thoughtfully

MeltwaterBuzz @communitygurus overt buy buy buy should be discouraged to helping people make a purchasing decision. It’s all about adding value.

wikibrands Q7: Let’s put our legal hats on for awhile –how big of an issue is privacy/security when it comes to rolling out social/community?

vassko @wikibrands very big, if you are not a US company, we just had a company require us to host in EU and manage from there too

cothrel @vassko @wikibrands yes, we also host and manage our EU customers out of EU

vassko @wikibrands same with Canadian customers, who are paranoid from the US Patriot Act. #wikichat #social #enterprise2.0 #blogtronix

MeltwaterBuzz Q7: Yes, how do to mix transparency with security? I think security will remain king of that hill.

SeanMoffitt @vassko re: Q7 privacy and security – it candidly is affecting Canadian company like RIM right now

SeanMoffitt @vassko re: Q7 privacy and security – it candidly is affecting Canadian company like RIM right now

MeltwaterBuzz @communityGurus It’s a pretty fuzzy line. What one sees as informative another seeing as too much selling? Tact rules the day

SeanMoffitt @meltwaterbuzz On the other side – devil’s advocate position – how many true secrets are worth keeping/able to keep?

vassko @SeanMoffitt we now have privacy settings (for years now) for each user field so that users can set who can see what and where.

SeanMoffitt @vassko what’s the minimum they should divulge as a user to protect integrity (or maybe it can all be made private)

cothrel @SeanMoffitt @meltwaterbuzz Secrets worth keeping start I think w/ those we are bound by law or legal agreement from disclosing

vassko @SeanMoffitt again for us is different with different clients (gov, private, banks, media) #wikichat so, we give a basic private setup 1st

MeltwaterBuzz Q7: @SeanMoffitt yup, tell that to some F500 CEOs and the Pentagon! 🙂 I’m a fan of collaboration but that’s a long transition

vassko @SeanMoffitt also, is very different for Asian and European clients vs. US customers.

wikibrands Q8: How bespoke does social software need to be – is it better to standardize or to customize?

MeltwaterBuzz Q8 Different stokes for different folks. But totally customized is potentially a time bomb as well.

CommunityGurus Q8: Curious what people on either end of the equation have to say @salesforce @cisco and @sap vs. @yourmembership @communispace

SeanMoffitt @meltwaterbuzz re: Q8 we’ve been in situations in the early days when developers leaves and you’re screweeeddddddd

MeltwaterBuzz Q8: A standard system which has flexibility to meet your needs would fit this bill.

wikibrands Skip Q9: Q10:All we heard about was mobile, gaming, hyperlocal at SXSW. How are these affecting the dev. of online communities?

cothrel @wikibrands Hyperlocal is the only one that’s lagging. Mobile is table stakes, gamification is still a differentiator

MeltwaterBuzz Q10: I see those as examples of the exploding variations on community. New ways to connect and communicate in various communities.

SeanMoffitt @cothrel that may just be the deep quote of the twitter chat – what’s your POV on Hyperlocal

cothrel @SeanMoffitt @cothrel Hyperlocal in the peer sense doesn’t become a real possibility at the scale of most enterprise communities.

SeanMoffitt @meltwaterbuzz as you know, re: mobile – although an enabler, can be a hurdle to good measurement and omnipresent community

SeanMoffitt @meltwaterbuzz as you know, re: mobile – although an enabler, can be a hurdle to good measurement and omnipresent community

SeanMoffitt @cothrel true, although it would be nice in a company of 50,000 employees to know where people were at any one time

wikibrands The last one – a nice softball Q12: With the pace of hardware, software,cultture change -What is the future of online communities?

vassko @wikibrands one-click, running in cloud,appliance & mobile. Commodity, bigger than email, multimedia, 3-D, and simple, cheap

CommunityGurus Re Q12: Think communities will change by better use of video, better info integration, better design/drilldowns and real timeness

MeltwaterBuzz Q12: I wonder if ‘Online Community’ will even be a term in the future.

SeanMoffitt When will we see email’s demise, if ever @vassko @meltwaterbuzz @cothrel #wikichat #intheyear3000

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