Here is the second set of social analytic companies:

21 Dow Jones Insight

Twitter: @factivacomm

“Dow Jones Insight – previously Factiva – Provides analytics, expertise, metrics, content, tools and reports that place you right in the middle of the global conversation”

Clients: Not listed

22. Genpact – EmPower Research –

Twitter: @empowertweets

“EmPower Research provides Custom Market and Media Intelligence services to Global 2000 companies, and Advertising and PR agencies worldwide. It was founded in 2004 by MIT Sloan MBAs, former Booz Allen Hamilton consultants, and senior marketing managers from Gillette, Whirlpool, and Applied Materials. “

Clients:  Nokia, MasterCard

23. Evolve24 By Maritz –

Twitter: Evolve24

“Evolve24 does media measurement and analytics, particularly monitoring of Twitter, blogs and other social media, as well as providing immediate and on-going context around the insights developed through traditional market research methods such as survey and focus group responses.”

24 ExactTarget Social Media Lab – formerly CoTweet

Twitter: @exacttarget

“ExactTarget has invested in the industry’s only Social Media Lab, where research and product development help the world’s top brands engage with their customers across all social mediums. We support world-class organizations—by powering their social media communications while also dedicating resources to additional R&D in the social space.

Clients:  Sprint, Coca-Cola, Citi

#25 Hootsuite

Twitter: @hootsuite

“The leading social media dashboard to manage and measure your social networks. Over 30 social analytic report modules — including Facebook Insights and Google Analytics — to help you track your campaigns and meet your organizational objectives.”

Clients – McDonalds, Pepsi, Corbis, Telus

26. Imooty –

“Imooty is a next generation media monitoring tool. We help companies, PR professionals and marketers, gain real time insights on the latest news and trends that matters to them. Set your goal, define the tasks and milestones, and create accountability within your team. Taking social media monitoring into a different sector, Imooty’s software has built in milestone planning, brand monitoring alerts and PR Campaigning plans built in. The company collects current data but also has extensive forward planning software for comparison and future planning.”

27. Integrasco –

Twitter: @Integrasco

“Integrasco prides itself on quality. State Of The Industry data quality and meta data completeness creates a solid foundation for analytics. Trading since 2004, Integrasco was one of the first ever specialist social media monitoring providers. Our clients include some of the world’s biggest brands and they choose to work with us because we combine the best technology available with relevant vertical market expertise to provide a fully managed service that delivers not just data but high quality, actionable insights.”

28. Jamiq –

Twitter: @JamiQ

“Jamiq specializes in social media for the Asian community. What makes it distinctive is they provide instant translation of any foreign language post with a click of a button built into their software.”

Clients:  MTV, XERox, Canon, Samsung

29. Jive –

Twitter: @JiveSoftware

“Jive’s social media monitoring software lets you listen to, analyze, and respond to conversations about your company on the social web. They are focused specifically on Facebook and Twitter media platforms with the ability to respond to live conversations through their software and additionally allow for the archiving of conversations that take place.”

Clients:  Alcatel-Lucent, EMC, SAP, The World Bank

30. KDPaine and Partners

Twitter: @kdpaine

“KD Paine is designed to be your comprehensive, one-stop resource for the measurement and evaluation of your marketing and public relations programs. From analysis to reporting tools, from books to benchmarking data, it’s all just a few clicks away. Think of us as your full-service fueling station on your road to accountability.”

31. Klout

Twitter: @klout

“Klout measures influence based on the ability to drive action, not potentially misleading metrics like follower or friend count. Klout has analyzed over 85 million people on major social networks, and is used by over 3000 brands and applications.”

Clients:  Disney, Audi, Nike, P&G

32. Lexalytics –

Twitter: @Lexalytics

“Using an in house system called “Salience” Lexalytics processes any sort of English language text, and has been integrated into systems for business intelligence, reputation management, automated trading, survey analysis, customer satisfaction, and more. “Salience has the strength to analyze the entire blogosphere, the subtlety enough to look for slight trends in confidential records, and the flexibility for completely novel problems.”

Clients:  Trip Advisor, Salesforce

33. Linkfluence –

Twitter: @linkfluence

“Linkfluence works with you to boost your communications and product-oriented strategies by analyzing, segmenting, and mapping conversations taking place in social web communities. Based out of Europe they cater to three distinct spaces, political, brand and perfume segments.”

Clients:  L’Oreal, Microsoft, Evian, Havas

34. Listen Logic –

Twitter: @ListenLogic

“ListenLogic is a social media intelligence and analytics company that helps Global 1000 brands grow their business. ListenLogic translates the millions of online consumer conversations taking place each day into real-time insight and enterprise response to manage risk, drive innovation and build competitive advantage across organizations.”

35. Lithium –

Twitter: @LithiumTech

“Lithium helps to identify your Superfans, that golden sliver of customers who are most engaged and the strongest potential advocates. Based on their science and Scout Labs technology, they know how to identify them before they even become important to you. Their legacy in gaming has taught them how to nurture and grow their involvement through rewards and a very clever reputation engine.”

Clients:  Autodesk, giffgaff, Verizon, Home Depot

36. Mblast –

Twitter: @mBLAST

“mBLAST delivers the most robust, fully-integrated web-based solutions which enable marketing professionals and market influencers to exchange information and work together. As a result, you streamline your marketing efforts and maximize your marketing success.”

37. Media Badger –

Twitter: @mediabadger

“Our clients call it Research 2.0. Every day, we speak with senior leaders in government and business, providing critical insights on what is happening in social media and online channels. Our research and analytical capabilities are recognized around the world for helping clients better understand the Web and social media, turning data into actionable insights. From foreign relations and policy analysis to marketing and beyond.”

Clients:  Doctors without Borders, Foreign Affairs Canada, Travel Oregon

38.  Media Hound –

media Twitter: @mediahound

“MediaHound captures and analyzes marketing activity around the world. They provide actionable competitive intelligence and establish benchmarks for clients on a syndicated, affordable basis. Our services help marketing executives plan campaigns and set quantifiable objectives, measure agency and department performance, and effectively communicate market impacts with other C-level executives.”

39. Media Miser –

Twitter:  @mediamiser

“MediaMiser Enterprise is a media analysis and public relations measurement solution that shows you how the news is affecting your organization.  They provide real time analysis of how news is affecting your organization both social media and traditional outlets.”

Clients:  ING, Air Canada, Loblaw, Air Miles 

40.  MediaVantage / DNA13 –

Twitter: @MediaVantage

“Ottawa-based dna13‘s MediaVantage will monitor all of your media coverage and present it in an easy-to-read format allowing you to respond from one platform. dna13 provides on-demand software solutions for brand and reputation management, including a PR and corporate communications software suite and a monitoring service for real-time insight into brand, reputation, competitors and industry issues.”

Clients:  Wells Fargo, RBC, CN

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