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Despite our rush to embrace social media, apps and other collaboration tools, business owners, marketers, media people and webmasters should be spending at least 1/2 their digital time on their own websites. As mentioned in our book, to use a sports metaphor, you need a HOME and a away game.

Why a great website? Despite the primacy of social media in governing our attention, only 5% of us strongly agree to the statement “The corporate website is no longer relevant; social networks can adequately house and deliver digital business objectives required”.

Face it 2.0ers, websites still matter. They are the official hub for your news and information. They are the final destination and resting place that your emails and social media deliver traffic to. They are the true face of your brand and how you present your image to the world, canvas and paint. They are the best place to integrate all the internal operations of your company with the external audience of your company. Online communities, deeper customer engagement, the most scrutinous analytics and enhanced functionality is on your web page, not on some Facebook page.

I’ve pulled together my thoughts on what makes a good website in a convenient 100 pt. survey format and also the top 50 websites visualized from a broad span of industries that knock “my socks off” in the presentation attached. Enjoy.

The 100 pt. criteria for a great website

  • Overall Impact   25pts
  • Content  15 pts.
  • Navigation 15 pts.
  • User Experience 15 pts.
  • Findability  15 pts.
  • Socialability 15 pts.

And the top 50 websites:

Any additions? Let me know your thoughts on the criteria and the 50+1 chosen websites.

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