Episode #3 – Reinvent –

“The Future of Marketing”

Our illustrious panel of marketing veterans discuss what exists for the future of the marketing practice and profession, should we care and what should we do about it.

Episode Panelists:

Host: Doyle Buehler, CEO, Breakthrough Digital
  • Sue Holland, Integrated Marketing Expert
  • Sean Moffitt, Managing Director, Wikibrands


0:00 Intros – Bringing our A-Game

2:30 Why should we care about the Future of Marketing

  • Authenticity and being able to weed out the poor actors
  • Improving the profession and misplaced emotion
  • Don’t care about the functional semantics but the activities are required
  • Focus on the customer, particularly in the long term
  • Growth-focus, revenue goals
  • The best products don’t always win

6:00 The Power of Connection

  • Shocking how people can’t tell their story, even with a great one
  • The power of storytelling and resonance
  • Consumers are smarter than they have ever been
  • Tension between brands being smarter/data-driven vs. more human/experiential
  • The example of Gillette

9:00 What’s Missing From Today 

  • Showing behind the curtain – holistic 360° views and transparency
  • Core purpose and what problem they are you trying to solve
  • The case for slow growth
  • A splitting of the function – current “trench warfare” and future audacious differentiation

13:30 The Future CMO

  • More Touchy Feely but More Data?
  • Business vs. marketing focus – finding the unicorn
  • Balanced left and right brain
  • The Rabbit Pellet function
  • Lack of expert Implementation
  • General contractors
  • 40 different competencies – where is your comfort zone and can you get outside of it
  • Too bureaucratic and robotic
  • Data-dependency

19:05 Agency & Consultant Models

  • Trend toward internalizing
  • Huge wake up call in the future – agency model is broken
  • Cultural and political issues
  • The exception – Unique, head-of-the0curve or can hook themselves into something valuable e.g. data
  • Layoffs
  • Morally bankrupt – peer recognition and awards vs. marketing and brand performance
  • No results orientation

23:45 Exciting Aspects on the Future of Marketing 

  • Niche access and drill downs on targeting
  • Magic between audience interaction and brand experience
  • Potential ROI ties to effort
  • Online course – marketers to plug gaps they don’t have
  • We’re all not great at what we should be doing

26:10 Can marketing be too powerful?

  • Equating human emotion to product selling – too far
  • Not powerful enough – weakest voice in the corporate board room
  • Polarization and a new generation of brands
  • Societal brands
  • Is the function evil?

28:00 Closeout

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