A 2018/19/20 Global Foresights Research Initiative



“The Digital & Tech Periscope” is our most ambitious study yet in tracking the key shifts and drivers behind digital disruption and technology advancement. Global in nature, broad in scope – we attempt to cover off 45+ questions about the state of technology and digital.

This study, conducted by our futureproofing and transformation firm Wikibrands and built in partnership with global technology & digital experts at FHCS, bWest Interactive, Breakthrough Digital and Info-Tech Research Group interviewed over 20 digital & technology leaders and surveyed more than 250+ technology practitioners and digital experts to answer our most relevant digital questions.

We’re hoping the results go to some length in providing answers to: improving the intelligent leadership & use of technology and digital applications, tapping into tech’s best practices, overcoming digitalization’s key barriers, identifying the fastest growing technologies & companies, answering key digital debates and ethical questions, and understanding the future pace and evolution for the tech world over the next 2-25 years.

Keep pace with the speed of Digital

Our second Digital & Tech Periscope acts as a pulse check for shifts in attitudes, adoption and perceptions in technologies and digital media. We are covering off a wide palette of today’s technologies and their uses to try to make sense of your current and future worlds.


Practitioners & Experts SURVEYED

Technology Questions Answered

Number of Emerging Technologies



Not one, not five, not ten – no, we cover off the top 30 emerging technologies and over 45 questions in our digital expedition:

“What’s my top digital objectives? Biggest tech levers? Leading use cases? Largest influences? Most sought after leadership traits?”

“How will it all pivot? Biggest tech shifts? What happens to AI? Blockchain, Internet of Things? Big Data? Mobile? Social media? Energy alternatives? How will future shifts  affect my company?”

If the BillBoard Top40  and TechCrunch had a baby, we could be it.  So let us be your guides to what’s up, what’s down and what’s next in your technology arsenal.


If you’re looking for the full stack of your digital current and technology future, we think we have it. We’ve tried to bridge the distance between technology knowledge holders and business decision makers with our Digital & Tech Periscope study.

Through a wide selection of industry respondents, the Digital & Tech Periscope is extensive and broad-based. Here’s the range of innovation thought leaders we have surveyed:

  • Roles – 22 different digital stakeholder roles
  • Types of company sophistication- 9 different core technology performers
  • Geographies– 6 continents of digital leaders
  • Motivations – 11 different types of tech motivations
  • Perspectives – 5 different levels of digital future optimisms

By asking a thorough battery of survey questions and cross-filtering responses, our Digital & Tech Periscope hopes to tease out the digital conclusions you can bank on in the ten following areas (see visual attached).

  • Current Tech Practices
  • Biggest Digital Debates
  • Future e-Trends
  • Top Digiterati Predictions
  • Biggest Digital Skillsets and Leadership Traits
  • Ranking In-Market Use Cases and Applications
  • Exploring the Top Emerging Technologies
  • Tech Companies with Tailwinds and Headwinds
  • Exploring the Top Emerging Technologies
  • Tallest Tech Challenges and Opportunities

Let’s settle some arguments and debates. Find out about the 45 questions that The Digital & Technology Periscope answers.

Why is “The Digital & Tech Periscope” important, interesting, valuable and novel:

“Sometimes technology makes itself intentionally complex so that only an expert few understand what is really happening. Our Digital & Tech Periscope hopes to democratize leading edge insights across a digital ocean of questions, so that your CIO, COO, CMO, CEO and all staff are all playing with the same deck of cards.”

Sean Moffitt

Managing Director, Wikibrands

“Given the accelerating pace of digital media change, mapping out what’s next is no easy challenge. The Digital & Tech Periscope pulls together the questions you’ve always wondered about and provides an annual industry health check, diagnosing superior insights and actionable recommendations.”

Chris Burdge

President, bWest Communications

“There is a tribe in this industry that operates well past what’s happening today. The Digital & Tech Periscope brings together these leading tech scouts and digital sentries to understand what’s shifting to help businesses unleash tremendous value, influence & authority.”

Doyle Buehler

Author/Leader, Breakthrough Digital

“Too much research about tech is superficial and doesn’t get at the practical side of technology. The Wikibrands collective’s Digital & Tech Periscope is just what technology leaders and practitioners need– a disciplined look into the future that takes the blinders off and helps teams plan their next moves.” Farid Mheir

Managing Partner, FMCS Digital

“The frontiers of immersive technology are just starting to appear. The Digital & Tech Periscope is an important barometer asking the most digitally engaged the biggest questions about AR, VR and a wealth of other technologies in the hopes of understanding what’s next? and what do I do about it?” Emily Smith

Augmented & Virtual Reality Expert

“Business leaders are tired of hearing about all this disruption that is going to sweep away their business. The Digital & Tech Persicope provides rays of hope for tech business novices and all-stars alike, by identifying key industry drivers and providing avenues for what to do about them.” Daniel Steiche

Director, Info-tech Research Group

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