The emerging marketplace trend series


THE ESSEntial 30 metatrends driving business, culture & LIFE AHEAD

Our highest level presentation dealing with the accelerated future. Decode the top 30 metatrend drivers that are driving business, government & causes ahead. We’ll share leading statistical shifts, expert insights and in-market evidence that shows what actually is changing. Wikibrands will also furnish tools, strategies and microtrends to extrapolate opportunities specific to your audience, organization or industry. Eliminate the noise and stay ahead of the biggest game, get the Buzz Report.
Now, the average organization is going to survive at the top for only 9 years  and be disrupted in an even fewer 3.1 years. It’s important that we know what’s going to jab you in the ribs, hook you into the chin and roundhouse you in the face … before it happens.  Wikibrands spends the wealth of our time seasoned on full range of general, cultural, economic, political, customer, media, technology and cross-industry trends through our eight market-facing studies and future-savvy network of experts, so you don’t have to.

Wikibrands’ “The Buzz Report” is fresh, provocative and insightful about your next 3-10 years.  Jump on the rocketship with us and grab a window to your future.

Perfect for:

  • Innovation Teams
  • Executive Boards/C-Suite
  • Business & Planning Groups
  • Strategic Policy Makers
  • Researchers/Business Analysts


  • Keynotes
  • Executive Briefings
  • Team Workshops
  • Innovation Offsites
  • Content Leadership

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stay ahead of your world ... and compEtition!

The average organization takes 3.1 years to be disrupted and then start their inevitable  spiral into decline. Don't be one of them. Separate the spin and hype from real fundamental change with Wikibrands' all-encompassing work on "Disruption".

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