Episode #2 – Signals –

“The 12 Days of Transformation”

Our own riff on the 1780 classic – The Twelve Days of Christmas – this time with a decidedly bigger transformation bent. Enjoy as we send off 2018 and look forward to swift changing 2019.

12 days of Christmas = Six December Industry Happenings +  Six 2019 Wikibrands news tidbits

12 Cyber Mondays dancing
Cyber Monday is way up +19.3% vs. 2017 and Black Friday is up 5.7%
Conclusions- people are spending more, all retailers are now open 365 days per year – Thanksgiving getting bigger than Black Friday, online trumps as retail traffic was actually down 9% 
11 Microsoft Lords a-leaping
Microsoft overtook Apple for the  valuation, 16 years after it last had its #1 standing
Conclusion – impressive turnaround, importance of subscription models, trouble at Apple reimagining itself, over time a company hits the $1 billion mark – a big challenge 
Company valuations
10 Chinese Gene-EditingScientists Drumming
They have produced two babies to resist HIV by gene editing opening up a Pandora’s box of ethical and medical quandaries
Conclusion: tough to contain exponential technologies despite all the caveats, short term – interesting, long term – threatening, no reticence or reluctance by the Chinese claiming success
9 Slackers Slacking
Great inside story how NASA has been using Slack and how it started with an engineering group related to their recent Mars lander and spread through its 115 buildings – even though Microsoft now has a free product – visiting some of Slack’s executive tonight ion Toronto.
Conclusion: once Slack is embedded, tough to move off, savings on time on wasted email and meetings and support of freelance/remote work economy
NASA Slack
8 Amazon Blockchains A-Milking 
Amazon, after dismissing Blockchain last year and despite recent rundowns in valuation, has launched its own AWS blockchain service and identified Virginia Washington as its second office area 
Conclusion : Blockchain is here to stay, Amazon has impact beyond just the revenues behind the service, credibility
7 Bad Years a-Swimming
If you don’t like the politics or business happenings around you (certainly this part of the world  has suffered a lot this week with massive worldwide GM layoffs), scientist have evaluated that the year 536 was the worst year in the ADs.
Conclusion:  big volcano in Iceland, smoke and ash shrouded the northern hemisphere, starvation from bad crops and bubonic plague 6 years later, they have noticed lead emissions tin snow that suggest industry didn’t take hold agains until well into the 600s – so it may feel like 2018 was a bad year it really wasn’t
Year 536 is bad
6 Keynotes keynoting
I had a conversation with a number of speakers’ bureaus and organizations about our all-star list of 120+ keynotes we could speak to and my penchant to want to include substance and credibility into our stage acts, not everything needs to sound like a TED talk – to settle an argument, we launched a quick and dirty survey – 17 questions we always wanted to have answered about keynotes
Speak to the early results and survey:  http://bit.ly/businessstageact
5 Business Model  Rings – I mean 32 Business Models
We looked at 20 different corporate innovation schools and looked at a number of the core business models companies land on in 2018
Digital has enabled a number of nimbler models that are superseding manufacturing and retail, companies governments need to pick up on this 
We launched our own March madness meets Business Model competition where you could vote on your faves
32 Business Models
4 Scaling & Growth Birds
There is this third class of companies stuck between Startups and Corporates called the Scaleup – above $7-8 million dollars, above 15 employees but likely less than 500 people – they are the job providers, and importantly, fountains of real innovation and becoming the seeding ground for future large corporates but have much different mindsets and success criteria than the other two company forms.
We did a Scale webcast last month with two of our esteemed members http://wiki-brands.com/wikibrands-webcast-scale-episode-1-getting-on-the-growth-treadmill/
We have introduced a 10C workshop and lab for scale and growth http://wiki-brands.com/scale-workshop-lab/
We are also collecting a global team of 10 to look at fielding in January Scale & Growth research among the world’s best calling it The Scale & Growth Field Guide.
3 Metatrend Hens
We just completed a webcast on Metatrends – the 30 big macro trends that will change the next decade. These are the big macro, social-economic, geo-political and big tech influences that will change everything. Some will surprise and some will compete with each other.
Perfect for end of the year/start of the new year springboards to your planning, customer appreciation and innovation kickoff days.
The 30 Metatrends
2 Reinvent Brand Doves
We have rebooted Wikibrands after publishing our book over 7 years ago -= new research, new additions, new values but same 12 principles for building and maintaining brands – FLIRT and MILC. We’rer the best brand building model we’ve seen. Brands are so important still, but the levers you pull and the precariousness on how you maintain them are so different
A lot more client sessions using Wikibrands as the focal point for getting clients to build and maintain brands for the digital age 
A Corporate Innovation Partridge in a Pear Tree
Our most ambitious study yet – 10 really smart people have spent the last three months fielding our 2019/20 Corporate Innovation Playbook research – 52 questions, 2 surveys, 40 expert interviews and 250 people surveyed about how to do innovation right in larger companies. Reason? innovation viewed as only the 18th or 23 actions that corporations perform  – so plenty of room to improve, Thanks to my key team members – we’ll be doing webcasts and a launch webinar in mid-February
Perhaps the best most pragmatic piece of research on the subject  worldwide – excited about getting it out – please participate in our survey if interested 

Episode Panelists:

Host: Doyle Buehler, CEO, Breakthrough Digital
  • Sean Moffitt, Managing Director, Wikibrands

Signals 12 Days of Transformation

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