We’re taken a pulse check of not-for-profit leaders, directors and managers in their shifts in attitudes, adoption and perceptions of marketing, media, digital life and customer/fan/donor culture. We hope it can become an annually updated resource for the industry and you. Here’s the link before we explain what it’s all about.

The target audience? Executive sponsors, program directors and architects, day-to-day managers and interested stakeholders that have a stake in the not-for-profit game.

The coolness factor? To our knowledge, there isn’t another survey that attempts to get after not-for-profit insights about the ecosystem surrounding new and progressive alternative media, fundraising and marketing formats and the causes that sponsor them.

The deal, and reciprocity for your time? In return for filling out this survey, we are also offering the chance to win one of five Wikibrands books (www.wiki-brands.com), ten Kiva Gift Cards, a chance to become part of our WikiGood expert team  and an early preview of the survey’s results.

The ask? We hope you can provide us your guidance. Please also feel free to forward the link to interested colleagues or contact us personally. The survey is comprised of 17 questions and should take less than 10-15 minutes to complete.

Here are the questions in the survey:


1. What is your organization’s current position on social media/word of mouth/online community/social CRM/new media in building value for its organization?

2. Over the next year, do you expect your organization’s investment (money, resources, staff) in social media/word of mouth/community building/social CRM/new media to:

3. How many employees are involved in your social media/WOM/community/social CRM/new media efforts currently?

4. How large are your organization’s fan/donor communities currently?

5. What are the most frequently stated objectives for launching a social media/word of mouth/community-based/new media initiatives in your organization (max. 3 choices)?


6. Satisfaction – How would you grade your organization’s performance with the following types of media/marketing/technology?


7. What are the biggest changes you are seeing in the marketplace, media or culture to change the role or importance of social media/word of mouth/community building for causes and not-for-profits in your mind (max. 3 choices)?

In Practice:

8. Who is the most accountable owner for social media/word of mouth/community building/new media within your organization?

9. With your company/client’s company efforts in social media/word of mouth/community, do you currently track/measure (range of answers)?

10. Are you personally a member/user of: (various social networks)?


11-12 – How strongly do you believe in the following statements:

o  Fundraising is increasing becoming more competitive
o  The majority of cause-related websites will not require a separate donor/member registration page over the next three years
o  Fundraising through email will still outrank social media in importance over the next 5 years
o  The net generation (under 30 years old) is less deeply engaged in causes than previous generations
o  Online fundraising will overtake traditional forms of fundraising within the next decade
o  Managing the donor/customer/brand experience is now the key battleground for causes
o  Online cause and donor fatigue will be a major issue to overcome in the near future
o  The corporate website is no longer relevant; social networks can adequately house and deliver digital cause objectives required
o  Facebook will still be the dominant social network over the next 3 years
o  My cause/charity may not survive over the next decade if we don’t embrace new technology and digital culture
o  My organization supports and encourages social media use by its employees
o  Not-for-profits have an easier time rallying peer to peer support and social media attention than their for-profit counterparts

13. What are the biggest obstacles to embracing social media/word of mouth/community building/customer collaboration within your cause/organization (max. 3 choices)?

14. What are the most important attributes for creating word of mouth and brand advocacy for your cause?

15. What are the biggest sins of building social media/online communities/business-customer collaborations for causes? (max. 3 choices)

16. In your opinion, what causes/organizations have the best social media/word of mouth/community building/grassroots or customer-centric practices (aside from those you currently work on)?

17. In your opinion, what is the key reason that makes social media/word of mouth/community/new media tougher for?  and easier for not-for-profits than corporations?

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