We love getting feedback from places we do business with.

Here’s a recent sampling from the last couple of months, we are grateful for the impact we’re creating in your respective worlds:

“Sean shared an incredible amount of knowledge to the group of 240 attendees with an exciting, interactive and eye-opening session. Sean’s insight into how non-profits need to adapt to the changing consumer/donor-driven landscape to become wikicharities was very powerful for attendees. Examples and data specific to the non-profit sector was inspiring and a welcome change from corporate-focused messaging. As one attendee said: Sean Moffitt made the conference! …his presentation put the conference over the top!

Owen Charters, CEO – Canada Helps

“As I mentioned at the wrap up, the time flew by because your slides were so relevant, a great combination of presaging directions we are moving in, and future states that we aspire to reach.  Ergo, a perfect blend of affirmation and inspiration. On behalf of our exec team, best of luck with your on-going engagements, and we look forward to doing our part in making Wikibrands a success.”

David Swail, CEO, McGraw-Hill

“Sean is a captivating, knowledgeable and engaging speaker who knows his audience. Sean gave a riveting talk that was chalk full of valuable insights, anecdotes and useful action items that the audience gobbled up. In our post conference survey of 650 attendees Sean was the highest rated speaker. If you are looking for someone to speak on the topic of new marketing at your event, Wikibrands should be your next call.”

Chris Burdge, Founder, Social Media Camp/West Coast Awards

“If you want to know marketing and the web, Sean and the Wikibrands team are the people to turn to. Not only was he our best series speaker but he’s also produced a seminal book and freshest idea on the subject.”

Don Tapscott, Digital Thought Leader and author, Wikinomics

“Sean’s session with a large group of digital thought leaders was universally praised by the attendees.  The Wikibrands presentation was energetic, engaging, thought provoking, highly relevant and best of all, fun.  We especially appreciated how he went the extra mile to really understand our company’s business and culture, and to provide customized, spot-on suggestions for how our company can address its specific challenges and take specific actions to achieve digital success.”

Bruce Schachne, Standard and Poors

“Wikibrands is chock-full of great stories and practical tips for anyone embarking on the journey of creating a Social Media strategy. Their to-do lists were excellent, and greatly sped up our company’s adoption of this media. ”

David Bercovitch, CEO, Thought Corp.

“LOVEd having you in our university, enlightening the Managers of Tomorrow. The research, topic, and focus are very exciting and relevant. You’ve written a brilliant book to help marketers and managers supercharge for today’s challenging times. Many useful models and lots of grounded examples, your advice is cutting edge, cultural, and steeped in experience; the changes you talk about are real and imminent; and the concepts Wikibrands offers a powerful advantage.”

Professor Rob Kozinets, Department Head, Schulich Business School

“Wikibrands really hit a sweet spot with our delegates. Their  presentation was erudite, totally on topic, and delivered with professional polish and good humor. The industry insights they provided were generous and right on the money. Days later people were still buzzing about it. Truly a highlight of our conference program.”

Randy Scotland, Executive Director, Association of Canadian Advertisers

“I’ve heard both co-authors Mike Dover and Sean Moffitt speak about social media years before this book ever came up. They were amazing speakers as they mix an obvious passion for the topic with real-world expertise and examples. Plus they are Canadian.

Their book Wikibrands is exactly what you’d expect from two awesome talented guys. It a must-read for anyone working in social media and/or branding. Specifically, the content is great with a great mix of philosophical, traditional analysis, examples, and clear recommendations.

I have to say this is the best format of any book I’ve read in awhile. Most pop business books can be tough to read in my ADD-brain. Each chapter and page is clearly laid out with clear short sections and actionable bullet items. This makes it really easy to pick up and read specific sections. And also to use as a reference book in the future.

Disclosure – Yes, I’m biased as they included my company (GovLoop) in the book in Chapter 13. But we’ve been featured in a number of books and this is one of the best.”

Stephen Ressler, President, GovLoop

And one of my particular faves that really captures the essence of our book and what we’re now doing consulting-wise behind the philosophies of our book:

“Lightning in a bottle! If you want years of research, expert consultation, insights from some of the world’s most successful companies and an immediate road map on how to use social media (social business) to grow your brand, all for free, then BUY THIS BOOK.

Sean and Mike have done an excellent job of providing business leaders, at all levels, with the key ingredients and observations to improve your business today. Forget general observations on how the world is changing and you should change too, they have provided everything from valuable market research, confidential marketing tactics, company policy to getting key stakeholder buy-in.

If you need either strategy or tactics to win buyers attention then you will get plenty of tools, tips and proven results. This book is filled with great, helpful content along with very targeted observations from credible sources. One of my favorites is the concerning fact that “80% of business executives believe they are doing a good job building customer relationships, while only 8% of their customers agree.”

Wikibrands does not throw out all contemporary market knowledge to replace it with new whiz bang tools but provides a smart, balanced approach for both transition and complementing both the “old” and “new”.

Be sure to tag the pages that contain their practical FLIRT approach to building your effective and engaged brand.

One of the best catch all books I have read on community engagement and creating a progressive, future-proof business. I highly recommend this book for all business leaders and managers. While I have read the book, like you, it will take much longer to digest all the great content and implement the mountain of information and recommendations contained. Add this book to your professional library and enjoy the benefits immediately. Don’t forget to visit the website too.”

Tony Ridley, International Business Consultant – Australia

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