“A pivot is change in strategy, without a change in vision”, Eric Ries

We’ve come to that Robert Frost-fork in the road where we could keep doing what we have been for the last eight years, or we can invest in ourselves again and say “no, what we do is more important, wider and valued than that”.

Wikibrands started as a research study that we pulled together as part of a multi-million projects back in 2010, turned into a globally-published book and then turned into an enterprise servicing a range of clients around the world. The notion at the time was – customers were losing time, attention and trust with the brands, businesses and organization they dealt with. We interviewed the top 100 businesses that were doing  good job at engaging their customers and turned it into a playbook, manifesto and way of driving value for a range of business, causes and governments.

We still like transformation, it’s just we think there is something more. In truth, we have been doing something else for over four years now. Today represents a public declaration, we formally do something else. Here’s a bit of backgrounder:

Wikibrands - The Backgrounder

The Wikibrands Pivot – Ikigai

It used to be if somebody mentioned a “pivot”, it was a nice way of explaining you messed up. Nowadays the world is shifting so fast that to not admit to yourself a need for course direction is treason to your stakeholders. Any business (or person really) that wants to succeed should ask the four questions that the Japanese construct Ikigai asks for “what is my reason for being?”.

  • What are we good at: Wikibrands connects the dots of the future marketplace and is better that what’s out there currently.
  • What do we love: Wikibrands love solving problems, big system-wide problems and anticipating what’s next.
  • What does the world need: From a host of different perspectives, the world needs strong counsel on what’s about to disrupt and the resources to transform it – I summarized 115+ statistics that were evidence of this back in 2016.
  • What can you be paid for: we have been using the line, double the value and experience for half the price. My colleague John Koetsier writes that on digital transformation alone, businesses worldwide are currently spending between $1.2-1.7T and will be spending $7T four years from now, a lot of it somewhat foolishly. We can help in a smarter way, and obviously still get paid.

Ikigai - Wikibrands

What’s the Motivation Now:

It’s simple. The world is faster. Customers have sped up. Technology has sped up. The pace off business needs to speed up too. In talking to numerous companies, they simply don’t have enough resources and the right mix of resources to manage their current business, forecast what’s next and work on things that will impact their income statement and balance sheet more than 18 months out. The average business will be disrupted within 3.1 years from the time of emerging threat to company survival at stake. That rate of acceleration is too much to avoid.

Wikibrands have sped up

We also know that many smart people have identified a lack of foresight (not work ethic) in the marketplace, including Alphabet’s Larry Page:

Don't Miss the Future - Wikibrands

And finally, we know companies lack the bandwidth, bench strength and intellectual horsepower and experience to pull transformations off.

Wikibrands - plugging gaps in talent

Okay smartalecks, but doesn’t Accenture/BCG/Deloitte/KPMG/My Agency/My Software Firm Do That Already

Stiff competition yes, but 70% of transformations currently fail which suggests something is wrong in the mix.

We think there are a number of issues with how transformation gets managed currently:

  • it’s way too expensive – companies are into 6-7 figures before they even start working together
  • it lacks urgency – companies really do need to place a premium on speed in their change efforts
  • it only focuses on a specific functional silo – typically agencies with CMOS, software firms with CIOs/CTOs, research firms with strategy/innovation executives and consultancies with CEOs – so fragmented and so biased
  • it has staff that are inexperienced advising major parts of your business direction – the seasoned partner wins the business and for economic sake, staffs the wealth of the business with smart, but green just-graduated staff
  • it’s not forward-looking – the best practices and axioms big change service providers act on are all a measure of past history, the marketplace is too fast to implement something in 2020 based on 2015 thinking
  • it exists to sell other services and software – the scope and services creep is a mantra every consultant partner, agency head and software CFO craves, you don’t need long contracts and being handcuffed into bad marriages
  • it doesn’t provide the right size of benefits for most companies, particularly SMBS – we’ve provided 15 types of engagements below ranging from 1 hour of time to 1+ year below.

It that enough reasons for you?

The Wikibrands Difference 

We knew that a different type of model was required to tackle the incumbents. We’ve suggested the full seven ways that Wikibrands is constructed differently here with our acronym FORSURE.

We’ll lock on the key three reasons below:

  1. The need for a nimble, on-demand solution that services your needs when you want them, where you want them , now.

Wikibrands On-Demand

2. People with the experience and perspective to know where the future is going:

Wikibrands - Futureproofed and Tech Aware

3. Not just digital, not just customers, not just culture, not just innovation, not just strategy and not just trends – open your mind, get over your biases to the full interconnected change landscape. 

Wikibrands - Total Business Transformation Focuse

The Wikibrands Future

If you have bought into our argument so far, you’ll buy into our services. At the highest level, we solve three important things for organizations.

  • we’ll unblock your digital now – resolving whatever challenge across the digital divide that is stopping you from currently getting ahead
  • we’ll futureproof your marketplace – from our range of marketplace studies and tools, we’ll have you envision a future that you could hardly imagine and tell you why it’s achievable through partners and in-market examples
  • we’ll transform your organizational future – we don’t just recommend and produce ideas, we help you align, execute and train your organization for its impending innovation, change and resiliency


Wikibrands - 3 Things we Do well

On a micro-level, we do a 3x5 range of services. We’ve explained all of our services more in-depth here but here is your range of options, right-sized for your need and business below from:  kickstarters (1 hours-2 days), to immersions (3 days to 4 weeks), to deep-dives (1-4 months), to partnered approaches (4 months- 1 year) and longer term, expert-sourced contracts (1+ year).

Wikibrands 3 x 5 services


We’re genuinely excited and optimistic about the future, yours and ours. We hope you’ll look to us as beacon of change and differentiation in a world of status quo and sameness. Please connect if you’d like to be part of what we are doing from a staff, provider or client standpoint. Onward…

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