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Futureproofed - Trend/Tech-Savvy

Fact:  Transformation is the art & science of knowing the opportunities and threats that exist around the corner and transitioning to them at the best time. As much as you need good current implementation, you also need partners that can see the accelerated future coming up quickly in the rear-view mirror. 

Wiikibrands Difference: We are a future-savvy partner spending enormous energy on understanding the future trends, technologies and implications, so you don’t have to. We’re immersed in all future market shifts by investing in six+ annual studies of proprietary research that track shifts in behaviour and opinion, scanning the startup and incubator worlds for emerging technology and being able to see the “forest through the trees” by predicting future implications and expected impact.


On-Demand Model - Unique/Flexible

Fact:  People love Uber, Airbnb, Netflix and Spotify. Why? They deliver when you want, how you want it, at great prices and conveniently. We think business partners should be on-demand too. The world is moving at breakneck speed, business service providers, technology solutions and business consultancies need to be able to respond and adapt quickly (and affordably).

Wikibrands Difference: We have affiliated with 100+ experts, freelancers and specialized agencies, to deliver against your current and future bespoke needs, when and where you need it. Not even the biggest consultancy can hire all the expertise needed to cover the full digital spectrum, and certainly not without the big box consultancy price tag or top-heavy executive retainer.


Rigorous - Disciplined/Exhaustive

Fact:  Digital media is rife with 4 hour experts and  1 week shortcuts to mastery. That may be be great for personal self-development, but not suggested for putting insta-pros in charge of your business controls. We may not fully subscribe to the 10,000 hour theory, but some sweat equity might help.

The Wikibrands Difference:  At Wikibrands, we have put our time in at the gym. We have spent over a decade producing tools, benchmarked audits and trend monitors to stay abreast of what’s working now and in the future. We live, breathe and sleep change, culture shifts and tech. disruptions. And when we dive in, we don’t just put a toe in the water. Check out our latest industry report as evidence.



Seasoned -Experienced/Battle-tested

Fact A little perspective is important. Having been there before in previous business, customer, digital, cultural and technology evolutions helps when faced with a new reality. A pedigree of experience as: a “job on the line” client, across many industry verticals, spanning many digital flavours and being able to not only strategize but deliver, is crucial to transformations.
Wikibrands Difference: Wikibrands only houses talent to lead organizations that have the necessary deep, broad, tall and client-empathetic experience. Organizations want their worlds simplified, not disrupted by wide-eyed novice practitioners adding complexity to their worlds. The future should make you a little antsy, but our experts can calmly help eliminate fear, uncertainty and doubt.


Unprejudiced - Objective/Neutral

Fact: Software firms talk to CIOs, agencies talk to CMOs, consultancies talk to CEOs and research firms talk to the strategists. Ugh, the walls need to come down. Most successful transformation work has little functional bias. Successful relationships should also avoid the messy business of fending off providers preying on your lack of knowledge and hard selling you more technology, more services, more time and long term contracts.
Wikibrands Difference: We are focused on the best client solutions. Period. We’ve always hated the conflicted priorities and billing practices of agencies, software companies and consultancies. Given our lean set up, we are not obligated to sell or cross-sell you long term contracts, more and more time or specific vendors. We are a neutral Switzerland partner of  transformation. Transformations require untethered, fully functioning left and right lobes of the brain. Creative and innovative to see the future, pragmatic and data-driven to see the reality.


Responsive - Action-Bias/No B.S.

Fact:  The world is travelling 7.7 faster than a generation ago. The marketplace can be harsh and has no pause button.  Technology has sped up, customers have sped up, business has sped up, how you do the work should be faster too. We’ve seen many firms convince themselves that appearing busy, is showing action.  With forty percent of the top 10 firms in your industry falling off the charts over the next few years, who has time for such wasteful effort?


Wikibrands Difference: We’d rather work with you on successful outcomes than hours billed (in fact, we don’t track hours). Commonly, we do things that take weeks that ordinarily take months for others. Wikibrands will act as your agile, candid partner that will advocate, cajole, pull and even drag your organization into the future … just don’t ask us to do it slowly.


Encompassing - Total Transformation

Fact: The current business transformation game has major blind spots. Look at some of the world’s leading transformation thought leaders (not all of them) and their professional pedigrees and narrow passions betray them. As in any arena of change, everything is interconnected. Not surprisingly, most transformation implementations fail due to the piecemeal nature of their efforts.
Wikibrands Difference: We take a holistic perspective – a functional-agnostic viewpoint to business transformation. We see great organizations optimizing ten interrelated and constituent customer, organizational culture, digital, technology, operational, talent, marketing, leadership, innovation and strategic parts to their business DNA. We go wide, and when outside of our comfort zone, we collaborate well. It is a jungle out there – let us blaze the trails.

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