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The Wikibrands 2013 Ensuite of Services

[ 0 ] January 31, 2013 |

We have revamped our roster of services, partners and breadth of possible experiences with our team at Wikibrands in 2013.

We feel we provide the broadest most valuable range of digital engagement strategy, tools and tactics for our clients with a focus on customer strategy and need, business and brand strategy and  creative ideas/concepts that resonate.

Five key streams:

 Facet One: Getting Inspired for Change

 Facet Two: Identifying Direction and Opportunities

 Facet Three: Building Capabilities and Embedding Behaviours

 Facet Four: Rolling Up Sleeves and Tackling Big Ideas

 Facet Five: Executing and Resourcing Awesomeness

8 key content all-star partners

3 basic approaches:

 Kick-starters

 Deep Dive Engagements

 Partnered Approaches

and 16 different activities:

 Keynote Presentations

 Thoughtleader Camps

 Management Workshops

 Business Team Immersion

 Innovation Offsite

 Training Programs

 Executive Bootcamps

 Fusion Labs

 Industry Roundtables

 Digital Engagement/Experience Audits

 Proprietary Research

 Outsourced Marketing

 Outsourced Innovation

 Digital Accelerators

 Ongoing Consulting

 Content/Community Marketing

Have a look at our comprehensive Wiki summary of services, commendations and streams of activity and give us a shout if something intrigues you and the wikibrands pitch.



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