For many parents and students, today marks the end of summer and going back to school.  Notebooks out, pencils sharpened and iPads booted up (for those on the progressive academic side).

Think about today as a way to also recommit your company to its digital engagement side as well. We’ve conjured up the essential course curriculum for digitization your company for better customer engagement based on best industry practices, the full scope of digital engagement and our own work.

Have a look and enrol in the program:

100 Basic Level – Wikibrands – Introductory Courses

  • 101 – Introduction to Digital Engagement – the Whats, Wheres and Whys of the Social Media, Digital Engagement and Customer Involvement Landscape
  • 102 – Social Media Policy – the Rules/Guidelines, Danger Spots, Legalities, Ethics, Triage and Role Play Scenarios
  • 103 – The Social Business Landscape – the top Tools, key Platforms and essential Social Networks of your organization’s home and away game
  • 104 – Your Digital Audience – What Your Fans, Customers, Partners, Prospects, Employees, Donors and Investors Want (and don’t want) in Digital
  • 105 – The New Business Culture – Understanding the New Organization Culture, Values, Systems, Rewards, Process, Information and Benefits Derived from Digital Engagement

200 Intermediate Level – Wikibrands  – Participant Courses

  • 201 – Content Development – How to Produce Content That Resonates and Gets Talked About
  • 202 – Activity Development – the Incentives, Campaigns, Contests and good Business Cases
  • 203 – Getting Found/Fame (Generating Awareness/Exposure/Buzz)
  • 204 – Getting Fans (Tapping Influencers/Stakeholder Recruitment)
  • 205 – Getting Foresight (Bringing Your Top Insights Inside the Company)

300 Performer Level – Wikibrands – Leadership Courses

  • 301 – Community Leadership – Incubating the organization’s conversations, day-to-day management and minute-to-minute moderation
  • 302 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Social Media Optimization (SMO) – How To Tag, Set Up, Index, Gear Up and Generate Your Content and Links
  • 303 – Listening and Measuring – a road map to engagement – how to listen effectively, measure the right stuff and continuously monitor and stay involved
  • 304 – Community Platform/Content Management System – how to choose, use and optimize your central digital hub effectively and efficiently
  • 305 –  Video – how to master the development, editing, hosting and sharing of the key medium of the now and future

400 Accreditation Level Courses – Official Certification

  • 401  – Certification – Becoming an Official Digital Ambassador – The First 90 Days
  • 402 – Planning – How to Map Out Your Digital Year
  • 403 – Trendspotting – What’s Around the Corner in Digital Engagement
  • 404 – CRM – How to Organize, Automate and Synchronize Digital Business Processes and Communication
  • 405 – eCommerce – Making Revenue from the Web
  • 406 – Analytics and Data Mining – Converting Information into Insight
  • 407 – Good Governance – Who is Responsible, How Do Decisions Get Made, How is Performance Communicated and When Do Issues Elevate
  • 408 – Enterprise Adoption – prepare your culture for change, ease transitions, incent new behaviors, reward new leadership models, overcome objections and critique and change day-to-day employee interaction with technology, celebrate progress
  • 409 – Partnerships/Sponsorships – how to effectively enroll and integrate your partners
  • 410 – Event Management – how to make events digital and social friendly

500 Professional Level Courses – Expert Status

  • 501 – Continued Accreditation/Teach the Trainer Best Practices Refresher
  • 502 –  Bought Media – How To Effectively Plan, Buy and Execute in Paid Digital Media – display, search, sponsorship and affiliates
  • 503 – Collaboration and Crowdsourcing – How to Harness the Innovative Powers of Your Audience and Customers
  • 504 –  Ideastorms – How to Leverage the Power of your Organization’s Network
  • 505 – Mobile and Location-based Marketing  – How To Optimize Your Brand’s 4TH and 5th Screens
  • 506 – App Development – What to Build, Where to Build It and How to Build It
  • 507 – User Experience – Digital Interaction Audits, Behaviours, Designs, Mapping, Flow and Testing
  • 508 – Gaming and Simulation – what can you learn and harness from Game Culture, Theory, Mechanics and Development, Virtual Goods, Simulation-based performance and what it can Do For Your World
  • 509 – Digital Strategy – Pulling It All Together – how to Review and Assess and then build Cohesive Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures and Tactics
  • 510 – Digital Business Process Management and Tech Architecture – how to Inventory, Model,, Implement, Optimize and Re-engineer

600 The Social C-Suite Series – Governance/Oversight

  • C601 – Executive Briefing – an overview on how to value, appreciate and champion good digital engagement practice
  • C602 – Executive Refresher – a review of recent performance, breakthroughs, stories, proposed improvements, new initiatives and changes in the digital environment, audience, technology and culture

700 The Operations Summits

  • 701 – CIO Summit Meeting – the exchange of goals, developments and initiatives between the information technology groups and the rest of the key stakeholders
  • 702 – CSO Summit Meeting – the exchange of goals and developments between the customer service organization and the rest of the key stakeholders
  • 703 – CFO Summit Meeting – the financial evaluation and review of implemented and proposed digital initiatives
  • 704 – CMO Summit Meeting – the exchange of goals, developments and initiatives between the marketing and sales groups and the rest of the key stakeholders
  • 705 – CRO Summit Meeting – the exchange of goals, developments and initiatives between the research and innoavtion groups and the rest of the key stakeholders

New Employee Immersion

  • X100 – The Primer – the essential need to knows for each new employee that enters your company, whether they are directly involved or not

The Advisory Teams

  • Y1000 – The Feedback Sessions – a multi-disciplinary feedback and idea stimulus session straight from your customer’s mouth
  • Z1000 –  Innovation Day – a fast moving education forum from key external vendors and outside experts living on the edge of technology, media, marketing, entertainment and design

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