Years ago, we hosted a “digital media” debate event from the inside of a boxing ring at the Cabbagetown Boxing Club with some of Canada’s top and most eloquent digital talent and an expert p[anel of judges. It was arguably our best event concept, and funnest LOK networking event in the glory days of social media.

Well, we’re back – same premise, different topics…

“Be it resolved that your technology will have the most impact in business, culture, and society over the next decade.”

It should be a great event and spirited debate. in BBC World Debate style, we’re going to measure attendee’s ingoing option and than measure it after the debate. Our managing director Sean Moffitt will be chairing and emceeing the event, trying to keep the verbal fisticuffs to manageable level.

A few tickets are still available, head to the Smith School of Business’  website to attend on June 6th, 2018 at 6pm at ecobee’s  new headquarters.

The Three Tickets


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