Here are seven sobering shortfalls below about the world of business, the customer experience and social collaboration in 2011 that we believe smart planning,  proper resource allocation and the deployment of the FLIRT process can help avoid:

  • “Thanks, but we already know our customer”, Customer shortfalls – 80% of organizations believe they deliver a great customer experience, 8% actually do.
  • “But we would rather keep it ad hoc”, Governance shortfalls – 78% of businesses don’t have a policy or rules governing use of social media, online communities and social spheres.
  • “Well, we have a Facebook page”, Strategy shortfalls – more than half of mid-to-large sized firms do not have a guiding focus to steer company engagement efforts and resources in the future.
  • “I think our intern does that”, Staffing shortfalls – 53% of businesses engaged in social/digital spaces do not have full-time staff to cheerlead, extract value and support the effort.
  • “We have a CRM program with our customers though”, Relationship shortfalls – only 14% of companies are proactive in creating external advocates and leveraging them.
  • “Yes, we already employ Big Box Agency X”, Agency shortfalls – 82% of executives believe their current agencies need to radically transform themselves to adapt more competitively in a Wikibrand world.
  • “I’ve seen my daughter use it, she tells me what I need to know”, Knowledge shortfalls– 71% of marketers are less/only equally familiar with social tools than their customers.

Isn’t it about time you got serious about digital customer/social engagement and building a community of fans around your brand?

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