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The Power of Online Visualization and 30 Top Visualization Tools & Resources

[ 2 ] May 1, 2012 |

If a picture is a 1,000 words than an online visual is worth a fair bit more.

I love ’em. Infographics. Awesome. Interactive charts. Amazing. Multimedia graphics. Sign me up. The world of digital is teaching all of us to be better designers. In fact, in this post-Instagram purchase world, viable career options exist for graphic designers to be pivotal players on the ground floor of most web start-ups.

Last week, I had the privilege of being on Sheridan College’s year end exhibition and panel of speakers on #illustrationism. As much as I enjoyed the panel discussion, I was amazed by the array of talent on display, including some multimedia exhibits.  The world needs great design like this, I repeat great.

For this type of work at the top end, there will always be a place and money for leading, intuitively smart design.But as it’s been true of music, media, publishing and entertainment industries before it, the world of design is changing rapidly and making average design commoditized. Why should there be special dispensation for the design world to be immune from the increasing digitization of its low and middle end basics?

And on the basics, consider the following 30 resources, tools and apps:

Crowdsourcing Design:

#1 99designs  – logo, stationary and web designs from around the world – more than 135,000 projects completed

#2 Crowdspring – 43 design and writing categories with a 96% satisfaction rate

Stock Images:

#3 iStockphoto – 55% of the stock image marketplace

#4 Shutterstock – over 19 million royalty free stock images and photos

Visualization Tools:

#5 Tableau Public – a set of tools and community for visuals

#6 IBM’s Many Eyes – upload data, visualize and share it

#7 Mindmeister – Brainstroming and mind mapping made easy

#8 Wordle – tagging clouds from text or websites

#9 Dipity – dynamic timeline vidualizations

#10 Google Motion Charts – moving graph able visualizations

#11 Circos – circular genomic data

#12 Newsmap – making sense of Google News

Social Visualizations:

#13 Friendwheel – your Facebook friends meet spirograph

#14 LinkedIn InMaps – mapping your network on LinkedIn

Chart Mapping:

#15 Persuasion Map – make your argument in 5 minutes of less

#16 Gliffy – flowcharting made easy

#17 Google Chart Tools – live data charting for your website

Organizing/Curating Design:

#18 Flipboard – the social magazine for iPad

#19 Pinterest – the social curation of photos –

#20 Zite – the personalized magazine for tablets

#21 Storify – telling stories by curating social media

#22 Lexipedia – word meaning, the new visual dictionary


#23 iThoughtsHD – creating mind maps on iPads

#24 Numbers from Apple – a spreadsheet app for IPad


#25 Daily Infographics – visually stimulating and arresting infographics everyday

#26 ChartPorn – data visualizations you gotta love

#27 Wallstats – posterable information

#28 Strange Maps – a collection of 500+ of the world’s most intriguing maps

#29 Visual Complexity – the visualization of complex networks

#30 Gapminder – bringing to life the world of statistics

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  1. Andrew says:

    A great list, I would consider adding and . Visualy is mostly for info-graphics while Creately is a diagramming software that has great support for info-graphics.

  2. Ching says:

    And to add on to the list or perhaps find ways of segmenting them better……. I would say, and

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