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The Iceberg of Digital Engagement: What Skills and Skill Gaps Do You Need to Cover

[ 1 ] January 28, 2013 |

When I speak in front of audiences, I’m candidly alarmed of what we don’t know of the full digital pie.

Sure there are social media ninjas that can rhyme off experiences from Facebook to Pinterest.  Another tribe can masterfully speak to the intricacies of Google’s algorithms and how to scale the search engine ladder. Perhaps less sexier, but it’s interesting to hear the tribal geekspeak of the merits and pro/cons of platform software, cloud computing and hosting challenges.

The reality is the majority of us who are business people can rarely become expert in more than a couple of these areas if we really put our minds to it. Unfortunately, I find people have an utter lack of proficiency in areas where they haven’t full expertise mastery. And since many of these are digital aspects are interrelated, that’s a problem.

In the graphic attached, I have ranked the skill areas required for the 6 key constituents of the digital engagement industry: key  client staff (executives, marketers and IT people) and service providers (ad agency people, web developers and PR staff).

As mentioned in this previous post, the 11 core skills areas of digital engagement that most people should acquire working level proficiency with are:

  • Content/campaigns
  • Social media/networks
  • Outreach/paid media
  • SEO/search marketing
  • Mobile/apps
  • Metrics/analytics
  • Org. Integration/Culture
  • User Experience/Design
  • CRM/eCommerce/Fundraising
  • Hosting Platform/Software/Operations

We’ve attempted to rank these by functional area to see where your priorities for digital upskilling might exist.

So how much of the iceberg do you see and how many of these areas can you adequately make business decisions on?

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  1. […] The organization roles are Executive, Marketer, IT, Ad Agency, Web Developer, and PR. Of course we know these roles require different expertise but how? This is a great tool for analyzing who is present and if they are in the right seat. As mentioned in the original article, few people can be experts in all fo the above areas. I would go the extra step and caution you against hiring someone who says they can do all this. There is tremendous upside to having a working understanding of these or at least a topline sense of how they all interact. This will help align your expectations of your staff and their deliverables. Nothing is more painful for your staff than to feel misunderstood, underappreciated or slighted. Via Wikibrands […]

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