Just announcing our survey for the 2013 Global Buzz Report.  We’d love your input.

Our 30 question survey  provides an annual pulse check among business leaders for shifts in attitudes, adoption and perceptions of emerging media, digital life, new customer culture and innovative marketing/communication and collaboration.

The cool thing is we have been able to ask some of the same questions for the last four years and establish some benchmarks and patterns on questions as popular as:

  • What is the biggest sin of a digitally engaged brand?
  • Do you believe Facebook will still be the world’s most important social network 3 years from now?
  • What are the biggest marketplace changes happening amplifying the importance of digital?
  • Who is the most accountable owner for digital engagement in your company?
  • Is technology a bigger threat or risk?

This year, we’ve added some questions that we’re candidly quite curious about:

  • the likelihood of your lead executive to champion or resist digital engagement
  • the ability to evaluate return on digital investment
  • the level of employee heads dedicated to digital engagement
  • the key meta trends that are driving the next 3-5 years in digital
  • the biggest resisting forces that will put digital advancement on a slower track of change

So if you have an interest in digital culture and marketplace and are actively involved in it, we’d love to hear from you. Here is the survey link.

Recognizing the lengthy nature of the survey, we have provided a number of incentives and opportunities as part of this effort, including with the help of our publisher McGraw-Hill, an opportunity to win an exciting array of new business books:

  • Find Your Next (Andrea Kates)
  • Digital Leader (Erik Qualman)
  • Wikibrands (Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover)
  • Return on Influence (Mark Schaefer)
  • The Fusion Marketing Bible (Lon Safko)
  • What the Plus! (Guy Kawasaki)

Thanks for taking a time out to take inventory of business life and look forward to seeing the wisdom of your inputs!


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