So we’ve snuck in our 4th annual “Buzz Report” survey before we break for summer. Since 2009, we’ve been asking you the vexing questions we’ve always wanted to know about the worlds of new marketing, new media, new digital life and new customer culture.

This survey provides a real pulse check among business leaders for shifts in attitudes, adoption and perceptions on the changing tide of doing business in a connected world.

Given our fourth anniversary of conducting this survey, we have now established a solid annual benchmark on how these trends are changing. I’m excited to see how we’ve changed over the last year (think Android growth, think Instagram purchase, think Net Neutrality debate, think the mainstreaming of the tablet, think big IPOs) and have even added 6 more questions this year to get a handle on some new beliefs entering the system. We’ve also expanded our geography to Europe and Asia in generating inputs.

The target audiences for this survey are: business executives, marketers, media people, consultants, strategists, digiterati, PR, creative and communications staff, not-for-profits and other new media enthusiasts regardless of level of skill or experience.

The coolness factor?  There isn’t another survey, to our knowledge, that attempts to get after insights across a wide berth of new and progressive alternative media and marketing formats. We also don’t just care about what has changed but why has it changed as well.

What are you asking of me? The survey is extensive, 28 questions in all. To set up expectations appropriately, it will take 15 to 30 minutes to complete but hopefully you’ll learn something in the answering as well.

What’s in for you? In return for filling out this survey, we are also offering the chance to win books of our award-winning Wikibrands or our McGraw-Hill colleague Andrea Kates’ brilliant book Find Your Next. Please let us know in the contact information area at the end of this survey whether you’d like a copy of the survey’s topline results and we would be happy to share them with you when they are finalized. Also, if you’re interested in attending our Buzz Report live event in Toronto September’12 and the first release of these results, please sign up as an early birder here.

Let us know as well if you’d like to be interviewed as part of an international group of Wikibrand ambassadors and as input to our research paper coming out of the research. Happy answering

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