Content is the 2nd toughest part about the social web.

It’s messy, it’s pervasive and needs somebody (or more likely some people) who have a magic alchemy for making words, pictures, mashups, opinions, videos and reviews come alive.

But the objectives are simple.

As shown by the  attached chart, there is a progressively higher level of engagement of content as you move up the pyramid. Are you merely trying to be spotted and recognized in the digital wilderness or are you trying to build a two-way relationship with your present and future fans (and points in between). Each rung requires a different level of staffing, a different need for dialogue, a different need for messaging and a different quiver of technology and media.

Let’s start from the bottom:

Getting Found – driving name recognition for your business, brand, product, service, idea or cause

– Search Engine Exposure/Traffic
– Awareness/Recognition
– Marketplace Visibility
– Market Education
– Keyword recognition and ownership
Tools – Google Adwords, RSS feed, Photo sharing, , YouTube video (intended for virality), Contests, Facebook pages/ads, Automated feeds on social networks, curated lists

Getting Fame turning your aware into something more meaningful and resonant that you have to share with others

– Improved Perception/PR
– Grassroots Credibility/Affinity
– Pass along/Viralness
– Thought Leadership
– Purchase consideration
Tools:  Consistently update blog, Twitter with Links, Infographic, document sharing (Slideshare), branded content tool, open and public product ratings/reviews, LinkedIn discussions, Blogger outreach, Tumblr microsite blog, Interactive demos

Getting Fans – turning your admirers into something more active – a network or community of contributors, scouts, authors, supporters, champions and ambassadors

–  Leads/Revenues
–  Word of mouth/Referral
–  User Generated Content
– Reviews/ratings/ testing
– Customer loyalty
Tools: widgets, video testimonials, ebook, learning series, webinar, screencast, trade show , roundtable, white paper, enewsletter with social integration

Getting Feedback – building a deeper two-way and collaborative or co-innovative relationship with your fans

– Dialogue & Conversation
– Online community/Ambassadors
– Lifetime value of user/consumer
– Ideas and innovation
– Competitive Intelligence
Tools: Online private network, brand community, wiki, forums, influencer programs, crowdsourcing contest, in-person events, feature profiles
So have I missed any F words and objectives. And more importantly, are you meshing your F goals with objectives with the right tools or is it a clumsy bouillabaisse?


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