We are tabulating the final results behind our 4th annual Buzz Report survey and some of the insights are fascinating. I always love it when we get results back on some of the new questions we’ve asked this year (8 new ones in total).

So what is the Buzz Report?:  Since 2009, we have been tracking the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of digitally enlightened executives, technologists, thoughtleaders, marketers and communications people. Its need reflects a gap with most surveys that don’t cover the full gamut of digital culture and prefer instead to ask questions about very narrow, and sometimes biased, segments of the industry.


  • Provide a pulse check on people’s positivity, objectives and strategies for using digital engagement as a business value driver
  • Track the trends on people’s opinions and beliefs of about digital engagement, technology, online media and business/tech integration
  • Understand the breadth and depth of people’s in-market use of various tools, media and technology

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  • Survey closeout – February 15th
  • Advance Insights sendout – February 18th
  • Availability for presentations – February 18th
  • White paper summary – March 4th

Ways To Participate:

  • Attend our launch event for 2013
  • Be interviewed/input for our research/white paper
  • Guest blog contributions
  • Help us present to your business/executive team


1. What is your belief on new forms of digital and emerging media helping effectively build your own PERSONAL brand, reputation and career?

2. As it relates to new media/technology, how would you characterize yourself?

3. What is your current view on the likelihood of digital engagement* building important value for your ORGANIZATION?

4. If neutral-to-pessimistic on the last question about the organizational value of digital, where does the biggest risk or negativity to digital engagement* come from?

5. What are the most frequently stated objectives for launching a digital engagement initiative in your organization (max. 3 choices)?

6. Can you tie a positive return on investment to your participation in digital engagement?

7. Approximately how many people in your organization work in emerging media/digital engagement (e.g. social, community, content, mobile)?

8. Over the next year, what do you expect your organization’s investment (money, resources, staff) in digital engagement* to do?

9. We all know we use the web for many things at work, home and play, what is the balance between your professional, blended and personal use of digital engagement and new media currently (have the numbers add up to 100% below)?

10. What are the biggest changes you are currently seeing in the marketplace, media or culture to change the role or importance of digital culture and engagement in your mind (max. 3 choices)?

11. What forms of digital engagement* and technology use will experience the most significant growth in the next few years?

12. Which “meta trends” will impact the next 3 years of your business environment?

13. If digital engagement and technology use doesn’t accelerate over the next 3-5 years, what will be the most likely reasons?

14. Which industries will be affected most by advancing technology, collaboration and digital culture over the next 3-5 years?

15. Who is the most accountable owner for digital engagement within the organization(s)/brands you deal with?

16. On the governance of digital engagement tools with your employees, what controls do you have?

17. With your organization/client’s company efforts in digital engagement , what do you currently track/measure?

18. What smartphone are you a primary user of?

19-22. How strongly do you believe in the following 20 statements?

23. What are the biggest obstacles to embracing social media/word of mouth/community building/customer collaboration within your company?

24. With regards to executive team championship of digital engagement and technology in your company, do your lead executives lead?

25. What are the most important attributes for getting noticed, talked about, creating digital word of mouth and brand advocacy?

26. What are the biggest sins of building digital engagement through social media/online communities/business-customer collaborations?

27. In your opinion, what organizations, brands or products have the best digital engagement, social media/word of mouth/community building/grassroots or customer-centric onine practices (aside from those you currently work on)?

28. What’s the most important thing in building effective and efficient digital content?

29. What are the biggest priority (owned, earned, paid or shared) digital platforms for your organization?

30. What is your impression of the following networks in their importance to your organization?

31. Do you actively know and seek out your organization’s top digital ambassadors/fans (not necessarily top customers)?


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