Table of Contents

Wikibrands-Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace

Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover



Foreword by Don Tapscott



Part 1

Chapter 1        The Birth of Wikibrands: From Ownership, Trust, Want, Preference, Love, and Now Participation—A 150-Year Fascination

Chapter 2        The Wikibrand Rallying Cry: The New “Mad Men”

Chapter 3        A Wikibrand Road Map: Taking the High Road and Avoiding the Potholes of a Collaborative Brand Path

Part 2

Chapter 4        The Six Benefits of Wikibrands: Marketing Doesn’t Fit in Tiny Boxes Anymore

Chapter 5        A Wikibrand Culture: Changing Your Mind-set About the Brand Customer

Part 3

Chapter 6        FLIRT—Focus: If I Don’t Know Where You’re Going, I Don’t Want You Getting There Fast

Chapter 7        FLIRT—Language and Content: Business Gets Humanized and Presses the “Awesome” Button

Chapter 8        FLIRT—Incentives, Motivations, and Outreach: Brand Fans Do It for Themselves, Not for You

Chapter 9        FLIRT—Rules, Guidelines, and Rituals: This Is How We Do Things, and That’s OK

Chapter 10      FLIRT—Tools and Platforms: If You Build It, They May Come

Part 4

Chapter 11      Community Development: The Life Stages of a Wikibrand Community

Chapter 12      Internalizing Community and Channeling Tom Sawyer

Chapter 13      Community Management: How to Build a Brand Garden, not a Ghost Town

Chapter 14      Measurement and Metrics: The Imperfect Science of Monitoring Wikibrand Performance

Part 5

Chapter 15      The Personal Wikibrand: Your Brand is What They Say About You When You’re Not in The Room

Chapter 16      The Future: Brand Participation Comes Alive in the Company

Part 6

Chapter 17      Reference Guide: Wikibrands Extended




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