In launching our “management consultancy for the digital age”, Wikibrands has confronted the age-old challenge in any nascent, fast moving industry – the people who know how to tap your resources effectively, don’t have enough corporate influence; and the people who could really use your resources, don’t know what they need.

So let’s identify the most commonly raised needs of our prospective clients – here’s the 50 situations you might find yourself in as an organizations that could use a bit of Wikibranding special sauce?

#1 – I don’t know where to begin, what are the first things to know about engaging my audience online? Wikibrand Audit

#2 – We need an objective third party assessment of how we are positioned to succeed online? Wikibrand SWOT

#3 – My leadership team needs a concierge to help us with an intimate understanding of this digital marketplace before we do anything serious? Wikibrand Executive Briefings

#4 – I need to energize our company about digital/customer/social  engagement? Wikibrand Keynotes

#5 – I’ve just rebranded our organization, how do I translate that online? Wikibrand Activation

#6 – We need to ensure we have the right structure, systems, policies, resources, incentives and metrics to ensure our digital efforts are linked better to our organization? Wikibrand Leadership

#7 – Any one of our vendors can build a Facebook page, we need to find someone to link our digital and customer engagement strategies to our overall business strategy? Wikibrand Planning

#8 – We’re without digital/marketing senior leadership currently, we need somebody to step into the void for awhile? Wikibrand CMO 2.0

#9 – We need to think out of the box, how do we identify new, high value ideas that tap the powers of connected technologies and media? Wikibrands Thinktank

#10 – We have had an interesting first stage of digital engagement, we are looking at ways to more methodically plan what we should be doing in the future? Wikibrands Life Stage Management

#11 – We have embraced customer experience as the key battleground, how does this translate across a connected world at each stage of our effort? Wikibrand Experiences

#12 – I need help, the organization is ready, my executive needs to be convinced and be made aware of its value and risks? Wikibrand Making the Case

#13 – We don’t have a very good grounding on the types of customers, shoppers and decision makers we’re targeting with our engagement efforts? Wikibrand Scouting Reports

#14 – Trends and new technologies are creating threats and opportunities for our business, who will keep us abreast of these fast-moving cultural changes? Wikibrand Zeitgeist

#15 – We need to have the customer voice live inside the enterprise? Wikibrand Advisory Panels

#16 – We want to provide some evidence and quantitative impact behind our beliefs and assertions? Wikibrand Surveys

#17 – We want our customers more heavily involved in the inner workings of our product, innovations and ideas? Wikibrand Crowdsourcing

#18 – We need to understand what are key customers want of us online? Wikibrand Deep Dive

#19 – I know I have a number of employees/partners who are stoked about innovating the business, how do I tap into their expertise effectively? Wikibrand Ideastorms

#20 – We have a stream of new business and web initiatives, we need the best ongoing expert advice to help optimize these as they arrive on the market? Wikibrand Counsel

#21 – I need my key staff trained on the tips and tricks of engaging their customer and stakeholders online? Wikibrand Bootcamps

#22 – My current service providers understand traditional well, we need a group that understand this new world and can still work across agencies? Wikibrand Engagements

#23 – We have no idea who to use across a full range of digital services, who can provide an objective assessment? Wikibrands Procurement

#24 – We have a large database of people – I know who has purchased us, but have no idea who the most influential and engaged  are? Wikibrand Ambassadors

#25 – I am not connected with the key influencers that exist outside my company online? Wikibrand Advocacy

#26 – I want to build an advisory panel of best experts/customers, who can help facilitate this? Wikibrand Panels

#27 – We’re thinking about hosting a digital challenge/online community, where will this activity take place? Wikibrand Platforms

#28 – We produce a tonne of content, why can we not make it sing online in the right place, at the right time with the right people? Wikibrand Content Strategy

#29 – We recognize video is the medium of the future, we don’t know how to produce and distribute it online effectively and efficiently? Wikibrand Diaries

#30 – We need to provide rules and guidelines to empower our staff, protect our assets, facilitate the user experience, keep us out of trouble and make us a leader in this space? Wikibrand Rules

#32 – We need to more deeply understand and identify the top reasons why customers, fans, staff and stakeholders want to interact with us online? Wikibrand Incentives

#33 – We have more than X employees who want to be involved online, who will train, certify  and/or support them in our efforts? Wikibrand Participation MBA

#34 – We simply can’t afford to build permanent headcount into maintaining an ongoing  digital presence but we believe its value? Wikibrand Outsourcing

#35 – We have limited resources, what are the absolute right tactical engagement levers to pull with our organization? So You Think You Can Wikibrand Survey

#36 – I have no idea how we’re performing vs. our competition? Wikibrand Benchmarking

#37 – In our company, what gets measured gets managed – we need to know what and how to track success online? Wikibrand Measures

#38 – Who is going to produce all this content, service and dialogue that we’ll need to support our digital/social effort? Wikibrand Community Management

#39 – We know a little of what we want to do, but we don’t know how to deploy our finite resources in the best combination? Wikibrand Channels

#40 – Our functions and employees are not sharing nearly well enough? Wikibrand Collaboration

#41 – We need to translate marketing and sales needs into our information technology environment, who can help us get these functions talking to each other? Wikibrand Enablement

#42 – We are very poor listeners to the marketplace, we have very little insight or methods to understand what gets said about us and our competition online? Wikibrand Monitoring

#43 – I am launching our next big thing (product, repositioning, service, new ads), how does it resonate online? Wikibrand Campaigns

#44 – We are looking to spread the word to industry peers and influencers about our upcoming work? Wikibrand Outreach

#45 – We are building/affiliating with a cause, not-for-profit, corporate social responsibility initiative, how do we build it effectively? Wikibrand Causes

#46 – We are creating an innovation day/offsite for our organization, we need some help on how to pull off an effective, lasting and learning experience ? Wikibrand Events

#47 – We want to add credibility, content and value to our management voices online (via webinars, white papers, digital events)? Wikibrand Thought Leadership

#48 – We have an under-30 year old target that operate by a number of different attitudes and behaviours, who can marry what they want to what we produce? Wikibrand Millenials

#49 – We realize there is a world of interesting software, networks, apps and mashups out there, what are the optimal combinations of these services for us? Wikibrand Tools

#50 – You need to be noticed, talked about and advocated, but most importantly considered and purchased online? Wikibrand Leads

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