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The 4th Annual Buzz Report Insights are In!

[ 1 ] March 14, 2013 |

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 1.43.30 PMWe asked a lot and we got a lot back. We believe our Buzz Report provides one of the most comprehensive and practical guides to learning all about digital life, culture, business and the marketplace.

Our analysis covers off: an annual pulsecheck on people’s general attitudes, ranking of objectives, current resources, expected trends, strategic insight, governance and measurement, opinion shifts, key beliefs and media, content and social media changes.

We’ve been asking what we think have been the most important digital questions since 2009. This year, we asked 50 of them and had hundreds of you respond back enthusiastically. So we want to make a big stink of the results. Some stuff, we’re doing differently this year.

Our Insider Webinars:

For VIPs and survey respondents: April 2 and 4th, 2013. If you feel you should be here, give us a shout.

Our first “open” series of Buzz Report webinars:

April 18th – Trendbank – dealing with metatrends, micro trends and counter forces in digital culture

May 16th – Strategybank – dealing with leadership, strategizing and governance of digital business, media and marketing

June 20th – Contentbank – dealing with the tools, content, outbound marketing, platforms, software,  social media and networks of digital life

Some other key developments and dates to mark in the calendar:

Daily Wikibrands Blog Release Starting – March 15th, 2013

Press Release – Official Results Release -April 2, 2013

White Paper Availability – April 9, 2013

Interview Posts w/ Top Ranked Brands – April 11, 2013 + weekly

2014 TBR Advisory Board Recruitment – June, 2013

Smart Connections:

For corporate innovators and conference organizers, if you’d like us to present our results in your backyard, let us know.

For media and publishers, if you’d like us to share our learnings in your editorial coverage, let us know.

For business leaders and change agents, if you like how we think here, here’s what else we do.

For collaborators and sponsors on this year’s and next year’s work, we’re interested, located in Toronto and only a click away.

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