For the first time, Wikibrands has specifically gone out to the world at large to perform an exhaustive study and review on the current climate of customers and brands. The response was impressive. Over 370+ global customer-facing experts got back to us and some of the things they told us surprised us.

What’s It All About?

First of all, here’s who we talked to, why we asked them and what we asked them:


What Will The Customer Zeitgeist Cover?

We’ve now received all the responses and are finishing up interviews with some our experts. The study will be broken up into nine parts.

  1. The New Customer Mandate and Leading Brand Traits of the Future
  2. Industry Disruption and Driving Societal Trends
  3. Customer Trends, Emerging Customer-driven Technologies & Top Objectives
  4. Customer-facing Leadership Skills, External Barriers & internal Obstacles
  5. The Smartest Bets on Future Activities – next year,  5, 10, 15,20 & 25 Years from Now
  6. Which Companies Will Win The Customer Future?
  7. The Top Debates – Some Clearly Settled, Others Still Up in the Air
  8. Where’s The Future Balance – How Do People See The Tug of Ware Between Opposing Forces
  9. The Biggest Customer Innovators across Marketing, Channel, Experience and Innovation/Technology

Key Customer Zeitgeist Themes

We promise you that you will learn something new and we’ll even tease out our key 9 themes:

2018 Customer Zeitgeist themes

.How do you get involved?

  • Starting in June, we’ll be outreaching in companies to enquire on their need for keynotes, executive briefings and full team immersions on the fast-approaching customer futures, talk to us on booking one
  • By mid-June, with final report in-hand, we’ll be selling it as a syndicated report at $299 – get on our list when we press go
  • Stay involved as we tease out some of the insights on our monthly sometime twice monthly,  Futurerpoofing & Transformation newsletter, sign up here
  • Involvement in future transformation studies, we currently have our most ambitious study yet on emerging technology called The Digital & Technology Periscope here is the survey on Current Behaviours and the other on Future Trends or collaborate and partner with us on our new study heading in June called the Employer Brand Weathervane on culture transformation, employer branding and employee engagement


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