The two Wikibrands principals, Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover, speak at over 60 events per year and guest lecture at 15 universities around the world. They really get charged by providing a window to your business, brand, digital and customer future. Event organizers frequently play back five aspects they love about their stage work:  credibility, customization to audience, fresh content, engaging delivery and passion for subject matter.

The average of their last 20 engagements have ranged between 4.2 and 4.8 (out of 5) and are frequently asked to come back as speakers in consecutive year events.


Keeping up with change is tough. Implementing change is even tougher. Doing it in a marketplace that is moving at breakneck speed is near impossible. Don’t try to do it alone. Find some credible friends and skilled orators to help map your course of change and act as glue to get your other valuable allies onboard too.


 Enabling breakthrough and accelerated change across your organization
 Providing deep understanding and competency on a relevant topic
 Wanting an energetic and passionate perspective on a topic of concern/interest
 Requiring a credible ally in conveying the importance of progress, urgency, change and/or
innovation on a given topic


 Change Happens – Provoking and Driving Change for a Fast Future
 The Engaged CEO/Executive – How To Champion Customer/Staff Intimacy in a Connected
 Wikibrands– from “Social Media” to “Social Business”– Hard Won Lessons from the world’s
top 100 Leaders
 The Brand Periodic Table -­‐ The Future of Marketing, Digital and Brands
 The Digital Playground – It’s A Lot Bigger Than You Thought
 The Buzz Report – The Zeitgeist of Digital Culture Now
 The Social CMO – How to Champion the 13Es in a Connected Age
 Crowdsourcing – Getting to Customer Co-­‐Innovation, Co-­‐Development and Co-­‐Ownership
 Bootstrap Branding – Success for Entrepreneurs in the Connected Age
 WikiCauses – Success for Charities in the Connected Age
 WikiSports – Success for Sports/Active Organizations in the Connected Age
 Employer Brand and Reputation in the Connected Age
 The Net Generation: Employee and Consumer
 Spreading Wildfire – The Ins and Outs of Word of Mouth, Referrals, Evangelism, Buzz and
 Measuring the Social-­‐sphere – How We Make Sense of Poking, Chatting and Following
 Engaging The Influencers – Developing Your Company’s VIPs and Brand Clout
Special Presentations as requested


Practical insights and the world’s best practices that you can use and apply right away as we move away from slow-­moving business growth levers, planning and processes. Here is the zeitgeist of the marketplace, the accomplishments of industry-leading firms and the pulse of the customer in your own backyard. In a quick hit, become more aware of the range of strategies, developments, tools and solutions currently available to your organization and feel energized to take those first steps to real change.


Association of Canadian Advertisers
Association of Internet Marketing and Sales
American Marketing Association
Blogworld/New Media Expo
Canadian Marketing Association
Canadian Public Relations Society
Conference Board of Canada
Crowdsourcing Week
Digital Media Summit
Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute
Infopresse Events
Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)
International Association of Business Communicators
Leadership Forum
Marketing 2.0
MaRS Events
Net Change Week
New Marketing Congreso International
Social Media Camp
Social Media Club (multiple cities)
Social Media Week
Sponsorship Marketing Council
Western Sponsorship Congress


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